Brave Web Browser Brings Firewall + VPN to its Desktop Version

Brave Web Browser Brings Firewall + VPN

Recently, the privacy-focused online browser Brave has been working on several new features; however, this time, they are introducing a feature that is already present in the browser’s mobile version to the desktop version. The most recent version of Brave Browser includes Firewall + VPN, which encrypts and safeguards user data as they browse the internet.

Users can maintain their privacy when accessing websites and other apps with Brave’s Firewall + VPN. It disables trackers on all websites so you can browse other websites anonymously. Furthermore, Brave’s VPN is quite straightforward and simple to set up. Everything it does when enabled is listed below:

  • Cover up your IP address
  • Online location changes
  • Stop your ISP from watching your online behavior
  • Get your preferred content wherever you are
  • Safeguard your Internet traffic when using apps other than the Brave browser

The fact that Brave Firewall + VPN can operate at speeds of up to 500 Mbps means that most users won’t experience any sluggishness when loading websites or downloading smaller files. Brave provides consumers with service around the clock. Costs for Brave Firewall + VPN are $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

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