Faraday Future finally delivers first production FF 91 electric SUV

Faraday production FF 91 electric SUV

It’s been a long trip, but Faraday Future has now announced the delivery of the first production: FF 91. Actually, it revealed the first “Ultimate AI Techluxury FF 91 2.0 Futurist Alliance,” but we didn’t realize it was the actual name of the automobile until today.


According to the press statement, Faraday Future’s initial owners are “users and Developer Co-Creators.” That implies that the owners will interact with the company during their time with the automobile, likely providing Faraday with feedback on their experiences. 


The other is Jason Oppenheim, an L.A. real estate agent, and the last is an anonymous individual who works for L.A.’s Private Collection Motors dealership–the first delivery ceremony is taking place there.


We don’t know how much these initial FF 91s will cost, but Faraday’s pricing announcement puts the starting MSRP at $309,000. You get a tri-motor system with 1,050 horsepower and 1,458 pound-feet of torque with a 0-60 mph pace of 2.27 seconds for that.


Faraday claims it has entered its “revenue generation stage” now that it has delivered a production car. We’ll just have to wait and see how much more revenue the corporation generates by increasing the number of FF 91s it can produce.

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