2024 Ford F-150 security tech detects a theft in progress

Ford F-150 theft prevention tech

The updated 2024 Ford F-150 doesn’t have Sentry Mode, but it does have some nifty new security measures that make a lot of practical sense. Being the best-selling vehicle in the country every year means that the F-150 frequently appears on “most-stolen” lists due to the sheer number of them available, so it’s fantastic to see Ford taking security more seriously than ever before.


The system displayed at the Detroit Auto Show didn’t have a fancy name other than “Stolen Vehicle Services,” but we believe it’s a bundle that any concerned owner would want to choose. 


They can be as simple as a GPS-based trigger that alerts you when your truck is being dragged away to an accelerometer that alerts you when someone is jacking up your vehicle to possibly steal your wheels.


Using features already in the truck, like the accelerometer, Ford can simply send a signal to your phone informing you that someone may be attempting to steal your wheels. Ford will then provide you with shortcuts or hotkeys via the app to call the appropriate authorities so that emergency services can go capture the would-be burglars. 


According to Ford, it will be available as an option for purchasers, meaning you’ll need to select the appropriate box to receive all of these fancy monitoring and response capabilities.

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