Ford Prepares for Customer Rush Following Tesla Deal, Triples Mustang Mach-E Stock

Ford triples Mustang Mach-E stock

Ford grew its stock of Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles after signing a groundbreaking deal with Elon Musk, providing customers access to Tesla charging stations. This partnership granted Ford customers access to over 12,000 Tesla Superchargers starting next spring, with plans to integrate Tesla’s charging tech into Ford EVs. In response, Ford tripled its Mach-E inventory to 11,000 cars, signaling optimism about the marketing impact and their entry into the EV sales race.

Despite monthly sales of fewer than 3,000 units and limited success since its late 2020 release, the beefed-up inventory reflects Ford’s confidence in leveraging Tesla’s charging network advantage. Ford’s move could maximize the marketing impact of the shared-charger arrangement and accelerate its EV market share.

The collaboration between Ford and Tesla has prompted other automakers and charging companies, including GM and Rivian, to establish similar partnerships. Charging providers have pledged to adopt Tesla’s North American Charging Standard port. The adoption of Tesla’s charging tech offers a streamlined approach to drive widespread EV adoption.

Tesla’s collaborations present substantial monetization opportunities while partnering automakers like Ford can seize the benefits. The industry can overcome public EV charging infrastructure challenges. Ford’s proactive approach demonstrates its commitment to the EV market and the potential rewards of this transformative partnership.

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