Google announced 15 Thousand Scholarships for Pakistani’s

Google announced 15 Thousand Scholarships for Pakistani’s

Google’s social networking platform has announced 15,000 scholarships for all Pakistanis, as well as digital training possibilities under the scholarships Google certifications.

According to a statement made yesterday, Google has offered career certificates to provide Pakistanis with flexible learning pathways to gain the highly sought-after digital skills essential for employment.

Google has renewed its commitment to ‘Unlock Pakistan’s Digital Potential’ by providing 15,000 scholarships this year through its local partners Institute of Rural Management (IRM) and Ignite. It also presented, including academic institutions, industrial partners, and charitable organizations, to reaffirm its commitment to creating an egalitarian and inclusive digital economy.

According to Alpha Beta, if properly utilized, digital technology might provide 9.7 trillion Pakistani rupees (US$59.7 billion) in yearly economic growth in Pakistan by 2030. Over the last decade, Pakistan’s ICT sector has grown at an annual rate of 30-20% on average.

ICT-related exports just surpassed $5 billion, according to the Ministry of Information and Technology, and “this sector has the potential to become (the country’s) largest export industry.” In Pakistan, around 4.7% of the workforce is employed in the ICT sector, with women accounting for 6%, or approximately 200,000 individuals.

According to data from Pakistan’s biggest job portal,, the ICT sector has the highest number of vacancies. Farhan Qureshi, Google’s Regional Director for Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, stated, “We are happy to launch the Google Career Certificates under the Grow with Google initiative.” We are also offering 15,000 scholarships in collaboration with the Institute of Rural Management and Ignite so that learners can get credentials for free.

This endeavour is a demonstration of Google’s commitment to playing an important role in the growth of the country’s digital ecosystem. This certification programme will open up new doors and allow developers, students, teachers, researchers, and enterprises to expand more quickly. Partnerships in the governmental and private sectors have also been formed in order to boost Pakistan’s digital industry.

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