Honda and Acura recall 124,077 vehicles because of potential brake failure

Honda & Acura recall 124077 vehicles

Honda and Acura are recalling ‌124,077 vehicles across many model lines owing to a potentially poorly built item in the brake system, which could lead to brake failure.

Among the vehicles impacted are the 2020 Acura MDX, 2020 Honda Civic, 2020-2021 Ridgeline, 2021-2023 Passport, and 2021-2023 Pilot.

Concerning the problem, Honda claims the brake primary cylinder “may have been improperly fastened to the brake booster assembly during production.” The problem is with the tie rod fastener in particular. According to Honda, poor assembly could cause loose or missing tie rod nuts. The brake booster tie rod studs may be subjected to a bending load when the brakes are applied forcefully. The brake primary cylinder can then get separated from the brake booster, which, according to Honda, may lead to reduced or lost brake operation.

Honda claims that a 2021 Pilot’s brake failure was reported to the firm last year, which sparked the investigation. According to Honda, there have been no collisions, injuries, or fatalities connected to this problem, although there have been two warranty claims since September 2022.

This year, owner notifications are expected to start on August 7. Honda claims it will check for missing nuts, replace them, and replace any damaged brake booster assembly parts.

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