How to Check & Pay Dubai Traffic Fine Online| Complete Guide


Navigating through the busy streets of Dubai can sometimes result in receiving traffic fines. However, staying up-to-date with these fines is now much easier, thanks to the online platforms provided by the Dubai government. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you can conveniently check and pay fines using various official channels such as the Dubai Police website, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website, the Emirates Vehicle website, the Ministry of Interior website, Payment Kiosks and the Dubai Smart Police App. In this blog, we will explore the different ways you can smartly check your Dubai traffic fines online by utilizing these platforms.

How To Check Dubai Traffic Fine Online 

You have different options to check your Dubai traffic fines online. You can use these platforms and websites to see and understand your fines easily:

  1. Go to the Dubai Police website.
  2. Visit the RTA website.
  3. Access the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG).
  4. Check the Ministry of Interior website.
  5. Use the Dubai Smart Police App.
  6. Payment Kiosks

 Dubai Police Website

Dubai Police Official Website

To check your Dubai traffic fines online through the Dubai Police website, follow these easy steps:

1. Visit the Dubai Police website:
2. Click on the “Traffic Services” tab.
3. Choose “Fines Inquiry and Payment” in the “Public Services” section.

4. Click on the “Access Service” icon.

5. Choose a method to explore fines:
a. By plate details: Enter your plate numbers, location, category, and code.
b. By TC number: Input your Dubai TC number.
c. By license details: Enter your license number and source.

d. By ticket details: Enter the fine source, number, and year.

6. Select “Dubai” from the dropdown menu.
7. Click on “Traffic Fines.”

8. Select Captcha
9. Press the “Search” button.

The system will show you a list of all unpaid traffic fines for your vehicle. You’ll see details like when and where the violation occurred, along with the amount of the fine for each penalty.

RTA website 

RTA website

To check your Dubai traffic fines via RTA’s website, follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. Click on “Search for Violations ”
3. Enter traffic fine number.
4. Press the “Search.” button.

5. Complete Captcha (if appears)
You’ll see a list of fines with details like date, time, location, and amount.

Ministry of Interior website (MOI) 

Ministry of Interior website (MOI)

To verify your fines through the Ministry of Interior’s website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Ministry of Interior website:
  2. Fill in the required details to register for an account.
  3. Select “Traffic Fines Payment” service.
  4. Enter either your license plate number, traffic file number, or fine number into the designated field.
  5. Click the “Search” button.
  6. Your traffic fines will then be displayed on the screen for you to review

Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) Website 

To check fines associated with your vehicle on the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Emirates Vehicle Gate (EVG) website at
  2. Log in to your EVG account using your Traffic Code Number (TCN) and password. If you’re new, click the “New User” link to sign up.
  3. Choose the “Pay Traffic Fines” option by hovering over the “Vehicles” tab and selecting it from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select your preferred search method:
    • Use your Traffic Code Number (TCN) from your driver’s license or vehicle registration card.
    • Enter the license plate number of your vehicle.
    • Input the file number associated with your traffic record, usually obtained during vehicle registration in Dubai.
  5. The system will then display any outstanding fines matching your selected search criteria, including details like violation date, location, and amount.

Dubai Smart Police App 

Dubai Smart Police App

Sure, here are the steps to check your Dubai traffic fines using the Dubai Smart Police App:

  1. Download and install the Dubai Smart Police App from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Open the app and tap on “Create Account” to make a new account.
  3. Fill in the required details to register for an account.
  4. Once your account is created, log in with your newly created credentials.
  5. Look for the “Traffic Fines” icon and tap on it.
  6. Enter your vehicle’s license plate number or your Emirates ID number.
  7. From the dropdown menu, choose “Dubai.”
  8. Tap on the “Search” button.
  9. You’ll see a list of all your outstanding traffic fines, showing details like when and where the violation happened and how much you owe.

Payment Kiosks

Payment Kiosks 

To check your traffic fines through kiosks in Dubai, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a kiosk station near you, commonly found at shopping malls, metro stations, and public areas.
  2. At the Kiosk, select the ‘E-service’ option from the menu.
  3. Choose the ‘Fine Inquiry’ service from the available options.
  4. Provide the required details, such as your vehicle license number and fine number, as prompted.
  5. The Kiosk will then display your fines, allowing you to review them.
  6. You can also make payment for the fines directly at the Kiosk if desired.

These Kiosks offer a convenient way for individuals to efficiently manage their traffic fines.

How Do You Pay Dubai Traffic Fines?

If you’ve incurred a traffic fine in Dubai, prompt payment is crucial to avoid further penalties or legal repercussions. Thankfully, there are convenient options available for settling traffic fines in Dubai:

  1. Online Payment: You can easily pay your traffic fines online through various official websites, including:
    • Dubai Police Website
    • RTA Website
    • Emirates Vehicle Gate Website
    • Ministry Of Interior Website
  2. Mobile Apps: With the advent of mobile apps, paying traffic fines in Dubai has become effortless. You can utilize the following apps for fine payment, provided the fines were issued by Dubai Police or RTA:
    • Ministry of Interior – MOI UAE
    • Dubai Police App
    • RTA Dubai App
    • DubaiNow App
  3. Banks: Many banks in Dubai facilitate traffic fine payments through their online banking platforms or at their branches. Contact your bank for more details.
  4. In-Person Visits: Alternatively, you can visit a Police Station, RTA Centre, or Traffic Department to address traffic-related matters, including fine payment, license renewal, and information on traffic regulations.

How To Get a Discount on RTA Fines?

In Ajman and Dubai regions, drivers have the opportunity to avail discounts on their RTA traffic fines for minor violations. However, it’s essential to note that serious violations or accidents do not qualify for these discounts. To be eligible, drivers must maintain a clean record without any traffic violations for three consecutive months.

Previously, drivers could enjoy a 50% discount on their RTA fines, but this offer concluded on March 31st, 2023. Presently, drivers can still benefit from a 35% discount on their fines. Here’s how the discount system works:

  • If the fine is settled within 60 days of the violation, a 35% discount applies.
  • If the fine is paid between 60 days to 1 year after the violation, a 25% discount is applicable.

It’s important to understand that these discounts exclusively apply to minor traffic infractions and not to violations that jeopardize human safety. Make sure to take advantage of these discounts within the specified time frames to save on your RTA fines.


Q: Can I contest a traffic fine in Dubai?

A: Yes, you can contest a traffic fine in Dubai by submitting a request for reconsideration within 15 days of receiving the fine. You have the option to submit your request online, via email, or by visiting the Dubai Traffic Prosecution office.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my Dubai Traffic Fines/RTA Fines?

A: If you fail to pay your Dubai Traffic Fines/RTA Fines, your vehicle registration may be blocked. Additionally, you may encounter obstacles when attempting to renew your driver’s license until all fines are settled.

Q: Can a car rental company pay traffic fines on my behalf?

A: Yes, car rental companies in Dubai can pay traffic fines on behalf of their customers. However, this policy may differ from one company to another, so it’s advisable to check with your specific car rental provider. For example, eZhire car rental offers to handle traffic fines as a value-added service.

Q: Can I pay my Dubai Traffic Fines/RTA Fines in installments?

A: Yes, you can pay your Dubai Traffic Fines/RTA Fines in installments. For detailed information on installment payment options, contact Dubai Police or visit the RTA Customer Happiness Center.

Q: What is the Maximum Traffic Fine in Dubai?

A: The maximum traffic fine in Dubai is AED 50,000, which is applicable for severe infractions such as reckless driving.

Q: Are there Non-Payable Traffic Fines in Dubai?

A: Certain violations necessitate direct payment at a police station.

Q: Can I dispute my traffic fines?

A: To dispute traffic fines, visit the nearest police or traffic department. For further assistance, you can also call 901.

Q: What should I do if I have multiple fines?

A: If you have multiple traffic fines in Dubai, address each one separately. Pay them off systematically, prioritizing fines with approaching due dates to prevent complications.

The Most Common Traffic Fines in Dubai

Dubai, with over 3 million people, deals with a lot of traffic. To keep everyone safe and traffic flowing smoothly, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Dubai Police have strict rules for drivers. If you break these rules, you can get big fines to make sure people drive safely and responsibly.

S. No
Fine amount (in AED)
Black points
Vehicle confiscation period
1 Driving in a way that poses danger to driver’s life or lives, and safety of others 2000 23 60 days
2 Driving in a way that harms public or private properties. Decided by court 23 60 Days
3 Driving under the influence of alcohol by court 23 60 Days
4 Driving under the influence of narcotic, psychotropic or similar substances. Decided by court 24 60 Days
5 Driving a vehicle without number plates 3000 23 90 Days
6 Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to the driver’s life or lives and safety of others. 3000
7 Driving a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to public or private properties 3000
8 Jumping a red signal by heavy vehicles 3000
9 Heavy vehicle driver causing his or another vehicle to overturn. 3000
10 Heavy vehicle not abiding by lane discipline. 1500 12
11 Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that poses danger to others 2000 6
12 Loading a heavy vehicle in a way that causes harm to the road 2000 6
13 Heavy vehicle prohibited entry 1000 4
14 Falling or leaking of a heavy vehicle’s load. 3000 12
15 Not fixing reflective stickers at the back of trucks and transport vehicles 500
16 Operating industrial, construction and mechanical vehicles and tractors without permission from licensing authority 1500
17 Failure to raise exhaust pipe in trucks 1500
18 Not covering trucks’ loads 3000
19 Failure to abide by loading or unloading regulations in designated areas 1000 4
20 Overtaking from a prohibited place by trucks. 3000
21 Driving a heavy vehicle that does not comply with security and safety standards. 2000 6
22 Driving against traffic. 600 4 7 days
23 Entry from a prohibited place. 1000 8 7 days
24 Driving a noisy vehicle 2000 12
25 Driving a vehicle that causes pollution 1000 6
26 Driving a vehicle without insurance. 500 4 7 days
27 Driving an unlicensed vehicle. 500 4 7 days
28 Driving with a driving license issued by a foreign country except in permitted cases. 1000 4
29 Driving a vehicle on a different license 400 12
30 Driving a vehicle with an expired driving license. 500 4 7 days
31 Driving a vehicle with an expired registration. 500 4 7 days
32 Driving a vehicle that doesn’t comply with safety and security standards. 500
33 Driving a vehicle that is unfit for driving. 500
34 Driving a vehicle with one number plate. 400
35 Number plates with unclear numbers. 400
36 Driving below the minimum speed set for the road (if any). 400 4
37 Sudden swerving 1000 4
38 Reversing dangerously 500 4
39 Using a hand held mobile phone while driving. 800 4
40 Any other distractions. 800 4
41 Jumping a red signal by light vehicles. 1000 12 30 days
42 Jumping a red signal by motorbikes. 1000 12 30 days
43 Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60km/h 2000 12 30 days
44 Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80km/h 2000 12 30 days
45 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 60km/h 1500 6 15 days
46 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 50km/h 1000
47 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 40km/h 700
48 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h 600
49 Exceeding maximum speed limit by not more than 30km/h 300
50 Failure to follow traffic policeman instructions. 400 4
51 Overtaking from hard shoulder. 1000 6
52 Entering road dangerously 600 6
53 Overtaking in a prohibited place 600
54 Running away from traffic policeman man (light vehicle) 800 12 30 days
55 Running away from a traffic policeman by ( heavy vehicle) 1000 16 30 days
56 Causing death of others by court 23 60 days
57 Causing a serious accident or injuries. by court 23 30 days
58 Failure of a light vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident. 500 8 60 days
59 Failure of a heavy vehicle driver to stop after causing a minor accident 1000 16 60 days
60 Allowing children under 10 years old to sit in front seats 400
61 Failure to provide a child car seat for children under 4 years old 400
62 Failure of driver to fasten seat belt 400 4
63 Failure of passenger to fasten seat belt 400 4
64 Failure to leave a safe distance 400 4
65 Entering a road without making sure it is clear 400 4
66 Not giving way to emergency, police and public service vehicles or official convoys 3000 6 30 days
67 Parking cars in front of fire hydrants 1000 6
68 Parking in spaces designated for people with special needs. 1000 6
69 Stopping on the road for no reason. 1000 6
70 Stopping on the yellow box. 500
71 Parking on the left side of the road in prohibited places. 1000
72 Stopping at pedestrian crossings 500
73 Parking behind other cars and blocking their way. 500
74 Taxis which have designated pickup areas stopping in undesignated ones. 500 4
75 Stopping the vehicle on a road junction or curve. 500
76 Not securing vehicles while parked. 500
77 Parking in the wrong way. 500
78 Parking in a way that poses danger to passersby. 400
79 Parking in a way that interrupts pedestrian movement. 400
80 Parking on pavements 400
81 Writing phrases or placing stickers on vehicles without permission. 500
82 Exceeding permitted level of tinting. 1500
83 Tinting a vehicle not allowed to be tinted. 1500
84 Not giving way to pedestrians on pedestrian crossings. 500 6
85 Failure to abide by traffic signs and instructions. 500
86 Littering from vehicle windows while driving. 1000 6
87 Placing signs on the road in a way that causes harm to the road or interrupts traffic. 500
88 Modifying engine or chassis without permission. 1000 12
89 Rubbernecking and crowding at traffic accidents scenes. 1000 30 days
90 Using vehicles for undesignated purposes. 300 4
91 Transporting passengers illegally. 300 24
92 Transporting inflammable or hazardous materials without permission. 3000 24 30 days
93 Transporting passengers in a vehicle that is not licensed for this purpose. 1000 4 60 days
94 Exceeding passenger limit by a passenger transport vehicle. 500 4
95 Failure to take road safety measures during vehicle breakdown. 500 7 days
96 Failure of motorcyclists to wear helmets. 500 4
97 Failure of passenger to wear helmet. 500 4
98 Expired tires 500 4 7 days
99 Failure to use indicators when changing direction or turning. 400
100 Failure to give priority to vehicles coming from behind or the left side. 400
101 Failure to get the car tested after carrying out major modification to the engine. 400
102 Failure to get the car tested after carrying out major modification to chassis. 400
103 Failure of a light vehicle to abide by lane discipline. 400
104 Poor condition of car lights 400 6
105 Poor condition of indicators. 400 2
106 Poor condition of rear lights. 400 2
107 Failure of pedestrians to abide by traffic signals. 400
108 Pedestrians’ crossing from undesignated areas. 400
109 Failure of a school bus driver to activate STOP SIGN or abide by traffic rules. 500 6
110 Driver’s failure to stop when school bus’s STOP SIGN is activated. 1000 10
111 Using three-wheel or more leisure bikes on the road. 3000 90 days
112 Driving on lanes designated for taxis and buses except in permitted cases. 400
113 Participating in a motorcade without permission except in permitted cases. 500 4 15 days
114 Changing vehicle color without permission. 800
115 Towing a car or a boat without permission. 1000
116 Failure to abide by safety and security standards in towing a car or a boat. 1000
117 Poor condition of trailer’s rear or side lights. 500 4
118 Absence of trailer’s rear or side lights. 500 4
119 Interrupting traffic in any other way not specified in this table. 500
120 Turning from undesignated areas. 500 4
121 Turning in a wrong way. 500 4
122 Loading a light vehicle in a way that poses danger to others. 500 4
123 Loading a light vehicle in a way that poses danger to the road. 500
124 load or protruding load from a light vehicle without permission. 500 4
125 Dropping or spilling load from light vehicles 500
126 Illegal use of commercial number plates 500 7 days
127 Driving at night without lights. 500 4
128 Driving in foggy weather without lights. 500 4
129 Driving in foggy weather in violation of concerned authorities’ instructions. 500 4
130 Using horn or car sound systems in a disturbing way. 400 4
131 Driving at residential areas, educational zones, hospitals in a way that endangers others’ lives. 400
132 Not carrying a vehicle registration card. 400
133 Using driving learning vehicles in prohibited times and areas. 400
134 Teaching driving in a car that is not labeled as a learning vehicle. 500
135 Teaching driving in a car that is undesignated for this purpose without permission from the licensing authority. 500
136 Teaching driving without a license. 500
137 Not carrying a Driving Learning permit while training. 300
138 Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the first traffic violation. 1000
139 Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the second traffic 2000
140 Failure to hand over driving license when the maximum black points are accrued in the third traffic violation. 3000


In Dubai, receiving traffic fines is a common occurrence, but now it’s easier to handle them online. You can easily check and pay your fines using websites, apps, or payment kiosks. It’s important to pay your fines quickly to avoid further trouble. If you reside in Ajman or Dubai and drive safely for three months, you can receive discounts on small fines. Overall, utilizing the online options provided by the government helps manage fines and promotes safer roads.

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