How to Choose a Best Laptop for your Need

How to Choose a Best Laptop for your Need

There are many things that you need to consider before buying laptops: prices, features, specs, brands, size and more. If you plan to buy a laptop online, you need to read as many as laptop reviews before making up your mind.

This Laptop Buying Guide helps you to make your decision. We write laptop reviews with excellent quality and complete information about the features and specifications. We also give some suggestions about laptop purposes and the best place to buy.

You need to know what the laptop is going to be, what it is for. This is why we write to you these suggestions you need to know before buying a laptop according to each purpose.

Best laptop for business use

Choosing a business laptop is a little bit tricky. First, you need to know what kind of business you’re working in or your area of expertise to find out the best laptop for you. If you’re doing presentations often in your office, you might think about getting a tablet-notebook.

If you go for business trips a lot, you might consider a slim, lightweight ultrabook, or you run a small business at home, you can buy a Decent daily laptop for your business. But if you’re a professional who needs excellent laptop quality, you can consider buying a MacBook instead.

To make a good performance in your business, you can start with the processor and memory. With i3 or i5 Intel Core and 4 GB of RAM, it seems enough to cover small-medium business, but if you want something more advanced, you can go for an i7 Intel Core processor and 6-8 GB of RAM. Since you’re going to keep many business files, you might need 500 – 750 GB of HDD storage or 1 TB of SSD. But if you think speed performance is more important than storage capacity, you can choose ultrabooks with Solid State Drive.

You might also need a backlit keyboard to help you when you’re working late at the office. But it’s optional and depends on your needs. Since you’re keeping business or work files on your laptop, you need to pay more attention to the security if you don’t want anyone to steal your files. A fingerprint scanner, a Trusted Platform Module or BitLocker will do. You can find study purpose laptop on LaptopUnderBox.

Good laptop for gaming

The first and the essential thing to consider before buying a gaming laptop is the processor and memory capacity. Most gaming laptops offer higher processor to perform great gaming. If you want maximum gaming experience, you should choose at least Intel Core i7 Processor with a minimum of 8 MB of RAM. Of course, you can upgrade it up to 8-16 GB of RAM.

Graphics is also a crucial to concern in a gaming laptop. If you want to play heavy games with impressive, realistic images, not to mention 3D, you should choose minimum dual graphic cards to accommodate. It means you also need to choose a gaming laptop with an HD screen of 1080 pixels.

When it comes to gaming, you’re not going to spend the rest of your life, playing only one game. There must be tons of games you want to keep in your laptop, which is why storage capacity is also essential to think. Most gamers choose a laptop with 1 – 2 TB of storage so they can have as many games as they want to play.

Choosing a gaming laptop with great audio quality is also considered since you don’t want to play games with bad audio, so you don’t know when to act, or your enemy starts to attack. If you have a higher budget, you can get a surround sound system or gaming headphone.

As an optional consideration, you can buy a durable laptop bag if you want to bring your laptop anywhere. A big laptop bag with a compartment will give it space for mouse, charger, headphones and more gaming accessories.

Best cheap laptop for college

Going to college must be fun, challenging and exciting! But before that, there are many things you need to prepare, including a new laptop. Choosing a laptop for college is not pretty straightforward. At this point, you might have a lower budget than gamers and people in the business. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get a good quality laptop as they do. All you need to do is check out how much budget you have and look for those laptops that match it.

Most college students spend less than $500 to buy a laptop. It’s okay because, at this price range, you can still have a great laptop with at least i3 or i5 Intel Core Processor and around 4-6GB of RAM, which is excellent enough to do your college tasks.

You might also think about how much it weights. Since you’re going to campus every day with your laptop in your bag, you have to make sure that you can carry both laptop and books in one bag. Less than 4-6 pounds of weight will be pretty lightweight for a college laptop. If you want a lighter one, you can choose ultrabooks with less than 3 pounds of weight. But they probably come with smaller size and higher price. Do check best laptop to run quickbooks online 2020.

Another most important thing to consider is battery life. You will spend lots of time hanging around the campus, in classes, cafeterias, libraries, and more. In this case, you need a laptop with a minimum of 6-7 hours of battery life (or depends on your needs) to keep you going.

Cheap laptops for student

Choosing a laptop for school might not be too much difference with college. Sure, you have to consider the price, since some of you might still have your parents buy it. Most students spend less than $500 to buy a laptop, commonly a netbook or Chromebook. But you can still get a good performance laptop at that price range with a minimum i3 Intel Core Processor and 4 GB of RAM. It’s fair enough to do your homework or school project.

Just like choosing a laptop for college, you need to think about how much it weight and how long the battery life lasts, so you can quickly bring it every day at school.

Multimedia Laptop

 People who work on multimedia stuff are graphic designers, video editors, movie makers, music producers, and more cool occupations. A multimedia laptop might not be too different from a gaming laptop. You need a high powered processor with big memory capacity just like a gaming laptop does. It would be best if you also had a laptop with a wider and bigger screen like a 15-17 inch display.

Choosing the dual graphic is also great, but for a multimedia laptop, it is optional. You need a good graphic, but if it’s not as great as a gaming laptop, you’re still able to get your work done.

Unlike choosing a laptop for business or college, battery life and lightweight design don’t matter for multimedia laptops. All you need to concern is power and capacity. Like choosing a gaming laptop, you need to be concerned about sound quality to buy a multimedia laptop. It’s even more important if you’re a video/movie editor.

If it is necessary, you might need to get a surround sound system instead of headphones to get maximum sound quality. To learn more about Laptop for School and read our laptop reviews.

 Choosing the best laptop to buy is not that hard. All you need to do is read more laptop buying guides and review as much as possible to find out the best laptop that fits your need.

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