6 Web Design Trends You Can’t Afford To Ignore

6 Web Design Trends You Can't Afford To Ignore - RealClobber

Websites are undoubtedly, the most essential component for any business in today’s digital world. 

They are the first points of contact for the audience of most businesses now. 

Now when people visit the site, they take about a fraction of a second to make a decision whether the content is good or not and they only stay if they like what they find. 

Naturally, you will lose out on valuable traffic if your visitors do not stay on your site as there is no chance of conversions if you cannot keep your audience on your site. 

In order to ensure that your visitors do not leave your site prior to exploring or prior to giving you a chance of showcasing what your brand is all about and what you offer, you have to make your website irresistible to your viewers. 

To enable that you must be aware of the web design trends that can truly make a difference. Here are some of them that you should inculcate in your site to make it truly lucrative for your potent customers. Take a look. 

6 Best Design Elements

  • Make Your Site More Visual with 3D objects – Your website must be a visual delight without being complicated or crowded. The isometric graphics or illustration of 3D objects in 2 dimensions are the new trend that are taking over sites. They present an immersive experience that 2D illustration fails to provide as a result of which they fade out easily in comparison. Just like the magical world of Avatar, these 3D illustrations are so sought-after for a reason. They can convert 7 times better than the stock photographs. They make customers trust and believe that your product is better than the rest and thus assist you to beat competition. 
  • Go for Engaging Bots – The innovative bots like chats bots play a crucial role today to provide an engaging user experience. This is primarily because the bots are used to bring forth accessible and effective customer service to users which is challenging and expensive to be presented by human effort.
  • Try Vibrant Shades & Easy Transitions – This is one trend that is beyond doubt the forerunner of futuristic modern web design. You can catch this colour treatment in the digital giants like Spotify album covers and Apple advertisements. You can choose from a plethora of vibrant neon shades and the flamboyant colour gradients are subtle and soft which are also known as colour transitions. This is what makes this design stand out from the 90s counterparts where the gradients looked much cheaper and less attractive. As the colour schemes through the imageries are aligned to the shades of branding, the traditional photography is revitalised with increased depth and blends much better on the page.
  • Make the Design Simple – At the time of website designing, there is a concept of less is more. So keep your design crisp, clean and simple. The popularity of your site will enhance if it is minimalistic, easy to navigate, responsive across devices and platforms, fast-loading and user-friendly instead of being flashy. 
  • Opt for Bold Typography – Dominating the full screen navigation menus and headings, large font sizes and bold sans serif typefaces are now most sought-after. Though design and imagery still remain standard, the type is enhanced and augmented for establishing true contrast and a visual hierarchy. These actually strengthen the message which is suitable to grab the shorter attention span of the Gen Z and millennial. For that reason contents must be stripped to bare minimum and sites must deliver the message in a concise and to-the-point manner. 
  • Use Animations – Micro interactions have been used in websites since quite some time now. These were interpreted by big, small, fast or slow dynamic components. The site is said to have a fresh look and feel through these. Now the use of animation has further added to this trend. As most users like them, they also participate in them more. 

These are some of the website trends that the experts of a reputed web development company suggest that you should incorporate in your site to make your site a grand success which will ensure maximum ROI for your business by enticing and keeping the audience glued. 

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