Hyundai N74′ trademark application might mean the production of N Vision 74

Hyundai N74


In 2022, Hyundai used “N-Day” to showcase two N-flavored concepts. The first was the RN22e, a converted Ioniq 6 sedan that served as a rolling widebody testbed for features such as performance-oriented regenerative braking and N Sound+ synthetic audio effects. 


The second concept, the N Vision 74, was a hydrogen-powered fantasy that transformed the original 1974 Pony Coupe Concept into a focused retro-modern sports car with classic, chiseled lines. According to the 7thMustang forum, Hyundai applied for the trademark “Hyundai N74” in Europe on September 20.


The move shows more serious intent than anything else we’ve seen since the unveiling. Till Wartenberg, Hyundai’s VP, told The Autopian at the Canadian International Auto Show, “My personal wish is to produce this vehicle.”


In May, Hyundai Group Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke told TopGear that the automobile may be built, saying, “Absolutely… We intend to take this seriously. This could become a reality. We have the platform – it’s a racing platform.” Otherwise, there is nothing.      


The patent category referenced in the application includes “automobiles; sports cars; [and] electric vehicles,”. If something does reach the market, we expect it will use batteries rather than hydrogen as an energy source. We won’t be surprised to see a more production-ready concept unveiled in the coming months now that there’s a paper trail.

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