Italy forces Alfa Romeo Milano name change — call it Junior now

Alfa Romeo Milano name change

The Alfa Romeo Milano is no longer available; instead, the Alfa Romeo Junior has taken its place. This little Alfa crossover, which will not be marketed in the United States, was only unveiled last week, but Alfa has already been compelled to change its name at the request of the Italian government.

It all boils down to where the car is made, and the Milano/Junior will be produced at Alfa’s plant in Tychy, Poland. Adolfo Urso, Italy’s Industry Minister, stated, “An automobile called Milano cannot be made in Poland.” This is against the law. The rule prohibits selling products with Italian-sounding names that are not made in Italy.

Alfa Romeo issued a press release today in response to government criticism, agreeing to rename the Milano Junior. Nonetheless, Alfa had much to say and maintained that the Milano brand was legal.

The name Milano was decided based on public feedback, as Alfa polled Italians to see what they thought the small SUV should be called. The winning name was “Milano,” which makes perfect sense given that Alfa’s history originated in Milan, Italy. Of course, “Junior” also refers to Alfa’s heritage, dating back to 1966 with the Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior.

Of course, none of this affects what we’ll see on Alfa Romeo lots in the United States, given that the Junior isn’t available there.

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