What is Cyber Security? Everything you Need to Know

What is Cyber Security Everything you Need to Know

Cybersecurity means to secure your computer, internet – system, hardware, software, and all of your cyber data from attackers.  If you access your computer without any security plans, then your computer can be accessed by attackers anytime. You provide hackers and attackers full access if you are not serious for your computer security.

In today’s era, computers and mobiles have started to be used a lot and if you access them, then you should also take care of your cybersecurity. And even today, banking work is completely based on these threats and is totally computerized.

So. guys it’s very important to secure our devices from these attackers or hackers. So. In this article we will discuss types of internet security or cybersecurity that can secure your devices or computers. 

With the help of these types, you can understand how you can secure your computers or devices. With this article, you will know everything about cyber attacks and cybersecurity. 

There are many types of cybersecurity but in this article, we are going to understand or learn 5 types which you have to know well.  

Here is the list of types of  Cyber Attacks security. 

1. Critical infrastructure security physically helps in protection. 

In these types of security is that security which uses a physical system used by our modern societies. Many examples come into these types of infrastructure security. Here are some examples like water purification, shopping malls, hospitals, etc.

2. Hardware/ software security.

A security that uses hardware or software to tackle attackers this type of security is now as application security. Most of the antiviruses you use come in Application cybersecurity. 

These types of security are more reliable and can be accessed easily. Most of us use these securities. There are many types of application securities which we use in our daily lives. You may now know but these programs are protecting our services from many attackers and viruses.  

There are many types of application security like antiviruses programs and firewalls. 

3. Network security. 

To protect you from your networks, in these types of security you are protected by network security that makes sure to protect the infrastructure and stops access to it. ]

To improve these results, a team is now required to know about the help of the machine, and prevent the traffic from getting access.

There are some examples by which you can understand the concept of its working. Many of you know password security, that comes in this type of security.

4. Cloud security. 

Cloud security is one of the best security on the date. Because of its perfection in managing security, many of us use cloud security. Cloud is now very improved cybersecurity for which you can go. 

This is software that secures and monitors the data in your resources of the cloud. Provides the cloud is continuously generating tools which can help you to secure your devices or data from attackers.  

5. Internet security

This considers the wide variety of critical or non-critical cyber systems.  We all are using this security on a day to day life. Here it comes with appliances, CCTV’s. WI-FI routers etc. 

This all comes in internet security. 

These are some types of cybersecurity you can use this for your business. 

Cybersecurity is a service that helps protect computers, servers, mobiles, electronic devices from hackers, and attackers. 

Tips that can help you to protect you from attackers. 

1.  You have to update your operating systems with software regularly. 

2.  Use premium antivirus tools to protect your PC’s and devices.

3.  You have to make sure that any social media or any login platform you use, you have to put or set a strong password on these platforms. This can help you to make your account more secure. 

4.  Never open the email of any unknown email sender. With this, you give him half the permission to operate your system. Hackers wait for this to open the mail sent by you and it will be easy for them.

5. Never use open WiFi, this allows you to easily provide your device name and PIN address to hackers.

6. Never use ordinary and free windows or Softwares for your devices. Because the premium windows and Softwares are capable of making you secure from attackers. But free can’t help you with securing your device.  

Hope this article is informative for you. If you like this article then send it to your friends or family members to make them aware of these security issues. 

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