Free and Effective December Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses for 2022

Post Pandemic Marketing Strategies That Work

Most people are ready to buy gifts, go to parties, and set goals for the new year’s in December. Every small business tries to get an advantage of this period and make as many sales as possible. This article will give you nine free and effective December marketing ideas that can work for every small business.

1. Publish Quality Content

If you have a blog or a website, it is the right time to publish new content and attract more potential customers. Many people who hear about your business will visit your website this time of year, and it’s important to find helpful content.

You will get traffic from search engines if you get ranked for keywords relevant to your products or traffic from social media if you share the content. When your customers get value from your content, they may share it with friends and family as well. Your content does not have to be anything extraordinary but must include information about your business or niche. You can include your products and offers in your content.

2. Get Ad Credits

Google Ads and other advertising programs tend to give credits for new and old advertisers. Usually, they double your budget or give you extra money for ads. Search engines know that more people will search for products in December, so they want to provide them with relevant results on the search page.

There are more chances to get credits if you are inactive for a while because Google wants to activate you again. It’s a win-win situation because you can find new customers for free in this way. You can also find other tools and services for your business with massive discounts during December.

3. Create Videos

Video marketing is huge these days. Many people watch videos on YouTube and social media every day. Videos are more engaging than other types of content and motivate the viewers to take action. So, it is an opportunity to reach new and existing customers in a way that they like. 

There are many types of videos that you can create to promote your business. You can show them new products, teach them something in your niche, publish videos from testimonials, or just share a few offers. If you want to become creative and make a funny or very interesting video, you can go viral and generate tons of traffic for your business.

4. Update Old Content That Is Still Relevant

If you have published content that worked the previous year and is still relevant, you can make a few changes and republish it. The chances are that it will get the same results and attention. The only exception is if it was about a trending topic that doesn’t get enough traffic today.

Old content is valuable for search engine traffic. It has already backlinks and social media shares that Google counts as ranking factors, even if you have updated. It will rank it in a good position much faster than a new piece of content.  

5. Run An Online Contest

People love online contests and work well for most businesses. You need to set a reward that can be a free product, a big discount, or something relevant to your business. Usually, contests produce many benefits, so there is no reason to worry about giving something for free.

You can set rules for the participants like following you on social media, joining your list, leaving a comment, sharing the contest with other people, etc. You can combine different rules, but the contest must be simple and easy. You can then decide how you will choose the winner and share it with the participants. The goal of a contest is to reach more people on the internet that may become customers soon.

6. Use Social Media

If you create new content and videos, you must share them on your social media profiles because more people will see it. However, you can be active on social media, even if you don’t share content. 

It’s quite easy to engage with other people’s content in your niche or the content of existing customers. It will build some relationship between them and your business. If you leave likes, shares, and comments daily, other people will discover your profile. Lastly, you can add a link to your website and a special offer only for your social media followers to make them feel special and get more sales.

7. Participate In Forums

Forums are niche-focused online communities that can generate a lot of traffic for your website. They are similar to social media because you publish threads or leave comments on other people’s content.

Most forums allow you to add a signature below your replies that can include a link to your website. The most active you are in a forum, the more people will see your link and visit your website. 

8. Create A Customer Referral Program

Many people buy products because someone suggested them. A customer referral program can become a great advertisement because your customers are testimonials and success stories at the same time.

You can give them a free product or a special offer for every new customer they send to your store. If they feel motivated by your offer, they will talk about your business with friends and relatives.

9. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a standard method to find more customers online. You can request email addresses with an email form on your website and send your subscribers special offers and discounts in December or other periods of the year.

It will not be the main way of marketing for a small business, but an additional method to inform your customers about new products and discounts. Email marketing is free, but you may need a tool to handle your subscribers.


These were nine ideas for December marketing. You can combine them or use only one that fits your business. All these ideas will help you reach more people online and make more sales.

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