Netflix will Prevent Account Password Sharing

Netflix stop account Password Sharing

Netflix makes it clear that individuals “will need to use their own account” in order to use the streaming service in a new FAQ section on its website. Devices found in other locations “may be prohibited from watching Netflix,” according to the website.

If a device that is signed into your account is connected to your primary location, the platform will use information such as your IP address, device IDs, and account activity to determine this.

In order to log into a new device that has been added to the account but is located somewhere else, Netflix will need a temporary code that is valid for seven days. Netflix said users who travel with their primary device won’t have any issues utilizing the service abroad. However, you must connect to Wi-Fi from your principal location at least once every 31 days to guarantee uninterrupted access to Netflix.

Your device can be prevented from watching Netflix if you are away from your primary location for a long time. To continue watching, you can ask for a short access code. It’s important to note that this has no impact on the number of users who can use the same account to stream Netflix material concurrently.

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