Notability for iPad Adds New ‘Pencil’ Feature

Notability New ‘Pencil’ Feature

Today’s update to the well-liked note-taking app for iPhone and iPad, Notability, adds a new “Pencil” feature. This innovation, which includes compatibility with the Apple Pencil, offers digital note-takers “the most paper-like drawing experience.”

The tool allows users to “style their ink strokes, add texture, and change colors after writing without any pixelation,” making it the first time Notability has provided such a feature. This is how it goes:

The Pencil from Notability is ideal for taking notes, outlining concepts, and illustrating. When used with Apple Pencil, the tool offers the most realistic handwriting experience possible that simulates digital graphite, complete with pressure and tilt sensitivity. Users may now add dimension and shading to their notes in Notability for the first time. Custom colors are possible with the Pencil tool, and because of vector-based technology, users may even design and alter the color of the ink strokes at any time while creating a sketch.

Notability’s creator, Ginger Labs, claims that this capability is based on “vector-based technology.” Because of this, users can later modify and resize the Pencil strokes without losing quality. The business claims that as a result, users may “adjust the style and color of Pencil ink strokes at any time during or after sketching.”

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