Phil Schiller Confirms he’s Now on Mastodon

phil-schiller on mastodon

Users of Mastodon have reported seeing someone on the social network recently who is posing as Phil Schiller. However, it was challenging to determine whether the account genuinely belonged to Schiller because Mastodon has no verified badges. But Schiller has now declared that his Mastodon account is legitimate. John Gruber, a blogger, had independently verified that Schiller’s Mastodon account is legitimate. 

It happened the same week that Elon Musk blasted Apple by insinuating that the business had stopped running adverts on the social network, though Schiller never explicitly stated why he canceled his Twitter account. Musk said that Apple despises free speech at the moment. Tim Cook and Musk later met at Apple Park, where Musk says they had a wonderful conversation.

This week, Twitter said that third-party clients that replace the Twitter app or website may no longer be created utilizing the social network’s API. Applications like Tweetbot and Twitterrific have been formally retired as a result of the news. The primary factor may be that these apps reduce Twitter’s ad revenue because they do not display advertisements to users.

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