Snapchat Launches an AI chatbot Powered by OpenAI’s GPT Technology

Snapchat AI chatbot

Snapchat has joined the trend of integrating AI-powered chatbots into its platform. The social media giant announced the launch of its new chatbot called “My AI” that utilizes the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT technology, customized to cater to Snapchat users. My AI is now available as an experimental feature for Snapchat, the company’s $3.99 a month subscription service.

My AI can assist users in several ways, including answering trivia questions, suggesting recipes, planning trips, and more. It was designed with a unique voice and personality that aligns with Snapchat’s values of “friendship, learning, and fun.” Snapchat also emphasized that the chatbot complies with the app’s trust and safety guidelines, although it may still have “many deficiencies.”

Snapchat believes that AI can be incredibly additive to the app’s experience and that it has the potential to foster deeper connections. My AI may also increase the company’s paid subscriber numbers, which recently surpassed two million. With 750 million users per month, Snapchat is banking on this latest AI integration to enhance the user experience and draw more users to its platform.

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