Supreme Drop A Collection Of Scarface Graphics & Goodies

The Supreme x Scarface collection celebrates the rise of Tony Montana and the cult classic from 1983.

“Say hello to my little friend” are some of the final words of Tony Montana in the film 1983 film, Scarface, as his cocaine empire comes to an abrupt end. The film explores the criminal underworld of Miami in the early 80’s from the wave of Cuban immigration, the cartel connection and the rise of Tony Montana. The critically acclaimed film is up there as one of the greatest gangster films of all time with Al Pacino playing the lead role as Tony Montana. Montana soon rises up the Miami criminal underworld ladder going against the Colombian cartel that supplies the cocaine and becomes disillusioned after snorting mountains of his own powder.

The Supreme x Scarface collection features renowned slogans from the film like ‘The World is Yours’ on a T-Shirt as well as been incorporated into an overall print on a hoody which utilises the interior of Montana’s Miami mansion. You can also get your hands on a gold coloured Scarface inspired ‘The World is Yours’ desk lamp. Other pieces include graphics from the famous shower scene where a coke deal goes dramatically wrong and the famous ‘say hello to my little friend’ final scene. The collection also includes a Supreme x Scarface hockey jersey, a beanie and 2 skateboards decks.

The Supreme x Scarface collection will be launching from as well as their global flagship stores this coming Saturday 14th October 2017. In other Supreme related news you can also take a look inside the Supreme Brooklyn store.