SUVs account for a quarter of all new demand for oil, 20% of the increase in emissions

SUV oil demand emissions


This fuel is also demanded by the ever-larger vehicles; the more significant the footprints, this source states the International Energy Agency, the 26 percent of the yearly global oil demand growth and 20 percent of the incremental energy-related CO2 emissions.

Second, total automobile demand in 2023 rose significantly to 79. 9 million; however, sales of pickup trucks and other sports utility vehicles: higher-weight, lower-fuel economy, and needing more essential minerals for production than compact cars dominated global automobile demand in 2023, at an astonishing 48 percent compared to 41 percent in 2022.

Apart from guaranteeing an inexhaustible market for oil, over 360 million SUVs were cruising the globe last year which created 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions related to combustion, 100 million tons more than in 2022.

Currently, SUVs account for around 45% of revenue generated from electric vehicle sales across the world, but it is 55% in the developed world. Larger cars are also problematic because they consume more of the basic minerals than smaller cars since they will need larger batteries.

earlier this year Paris decided to impose a parking fee at least 3 times that of any regular car for any vehicle that is an SUV. Other current cases are in currently in Lyon, France, and Tübingen, Germany where cities have included car weight in the parking fees.

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