Tesla Is lapping Germany’s automakers in the global EV race 

Tesla Is lapping Germany’s automakers

In a groundbreaking development, Tesla Inc. has outpaced Germany’s esteemed automakers in the race for global electric vehicle (EV) dominance. Recent reports reveal that Tesla delivered an astonishing 890,000 cars in the first half of this year alone, significantly surpassing the combined EV sales of renowned German brands such as Volkswagen AG, BMW AG, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, and Porsche AG.

The German automakers had previously announced ambitious plans to transition to electric cars and challenge Tesla’s market stronghold. However, their efforts seem to fall short as they grapple with software issues leading to delays in key models, resulting in waning sales, particularly in China–their largest market.

Tesla’s aggressive pricing strategy, coupled with plans to expand production capacities in Germany and Mexico, has widened the gap between the companies. Tesla’s EV sales have soared 30 percentage points higher than VW’s in the last three months, solidifying its lead in the global EV market.

To counter Tesla’s dominance, German automakers are gearing up to introduce new EV-focused platforms and reduce electric car costs. Volkswagen is working on a compact EV priced below €25,000, while Mercedes plans to launch an electric version of its popular CLA sedan in the US. BMW is also betting on its upcoming “Neue Klasse” underpinnings to boost sales and enhance battery efficiency.

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