TikTok Now Lets Users Receive Direct Messages from Everyone

TikTok Receive Direct Messages

For those who are unaware, TikTok’s platform currently allows for direct messaging. Only those who follow themselves on social networks can use this feature, though. However, according to The Information, TikTok is now changing that by giving users the choice to make their inboxes public.

The function is actually not entirely new. It was initially released in November of last year, but only to a select few individuals. However, the site recently informed customers through email that it was increasing the direct chat features available in its app. TikTok users will be able to DM anyone who opens their inbox to the public rather than simply being able to message their friends.

Users have the option of continuing to only receive communications from recommended friends and their mutual followers. The feature will then rely on synced contacts or Facebook friends in this instance. With the addition of this new function, TikTok hopes to encourage more users to share movies with others within the app rather than through a different social network.

The fact that TikTok has recently received a lot of attention while being primarily a video-focused platform further contributes to it becoming the ultimate social network.

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