4 Tips on Managing Workplace Stress: Are You Doing it Right?

4 Tips on Managing Workplace Stress Are You Doing it Right

Workplace stress is rarely discussed within the workplaces itself but it is real and has devastating effects on one’s mental and physical health. The cause of stress could be anything from office politics to increased workload that is getting difficult to handle leading to stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

Workplace, no matter which one it is, from a software development company in Houston to an entertainment powerhouse – work can get hectic to the point of exhaustion. 

We normally speak about how ‘mentally strong’ individuals are able to, if not easily, then effectively cope with workplace stress. However, that isn’t the case with all and many feel the pressure intensifying to a point of breakdown. Yes, with more experience and time, you do eventually learn to work around the added pressure. But we are here to discuss effective ways you can manage and reduce this pain without resigning from your job. 

1) Take care of your health 

Yes, you could be skipping on the most obvious and most important aspect of your life that is contributing to you feeling lethargic and unstable – leaving you incapable of coping with workplace stress in a healthy manner. So, eat right and exercise. 

A healthy body and mind can do wonders for your life; mood-boosting and endorphin-releasing properties of a good exercise is a natural stress reducer. So, make sure you are putting in the work for your body and mind –  whether in-between work, or before or after work – whatever suits you best. 

Another thing apart from taking time out for workout session, you can include body movements during work like frequent stretches, breaks, or switching to a standing desk. Often times when you are stuck to the same position for hours, you tend to stress-out more. 

Now, coming towards what you feed your body and mind is another factor that adds to your workspace stress. When stressing out, humans have the tendency to indulge in comfort-food as a means to manage their stress. 

Safe to say, it is downright unhealthy, not just the food but the coping mechanism. You may be getting your temporary fix – however, these sugary or fat-filled foods will only make you lethargic and lazy. So, make sure you are including healthy food that are high in protein, carbs, fiber, and such. 

2) Get Enough Sleep 

What’s funny is that you know the basics of eating healthy and getting adequate sleep. However, we get so caught up with life and work in specific, that we need a good reminder of the basics. This is why you are here. So, GET ENOUGH SLEEP! 

When you are not getting the required sleep, you are initiating a cycle of constant exhaustion. Your lack of good sleep to unwind and relax is a major contributing factor to your workplace stress. 

So, what should you do? 

  • Aim for a good 8-hour sleep every night. (Add 20-min power naps during work too)
  • Create a schedule that includes a good night sleep. 
  • Stay vigilant about your sleep schedule during the weekend, so you don’t spoil the cycle. 

3) Prioritize Your Work 

Having a pile of work lined-up for you daily can immediately cause anxiety and stress. This is why it is important to prioritize your work so you can focus on one-task at a time without stressing out about the rest. 

So, how to go about this situation? 

  • Make sure you are aware of which tasks are of higher priority and require to be completed first. 
  • Set deadlines for each task, so you are on track and focused. 
  • Add breaks in your schedule. This will increase your productivity, help you re-focus after every task completion, and reduce stress. 

4) Monitor Your Bad Habits 

Remember, the external circumstances can be out of our control. However, how we choose to respond or make the necessary changes within can really change the game for us. For example, sometimes, we are our own biggest enemy- meaning, that we worry excessively or suffer from anxiety issues. 

These habits can cause us to take on unnecessary stress at work. So, the change first begins within yourself and how can you do that? 

  • Practice positivity and healthy affirmations. 
  • Learn to control any negative emotion or thought that may come to you either as a response or naturally. 
  • Stop obsessing over perfecting your work and take it easy. 
  • Focus on the elements that are in your control. 


Certain workplaces can be hectic, either because of the nature of work or because of the toxic environment. It comes down to us and how we choose to deal with everything. One of the best ways to cope with workplace stress is to manage yourself and personal growth in a better way. As discussed, from being mindful about your diet, work out, to checking your own self-sabotaging habits. 

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