Toyota Unveils Cute Land Hopper and Electric Concept Vehicles

Toyota electric concept vehicles

Toyota presented several unique electric concepts at this year’s Japan Mobility Show, though they are unlikely to appear on a dealer’s lot soon.


Whereas Toyota’s EPU and Land Cruiser Se ideas hinted at a futuristic electric truck and SUV, the Land Hopper is a sort of electric bicycle with a foldable design that allows users to put it in their vehicle’s trunk before longer travels, according to the company. It does not require a driver’s license, and its wheels may raise and drop the height jointly.


Toyota’s JUU concept is a futuristic vision of wheelchair mobility that includes a variety of fascinating gimmicks to help individuals go around. It has a retractable tail that swings out to prevent tipping and can climb steps up to 16 cm tall. Toyota also stated that it is developing automation software that will allow the chair to load and unload itself from a vehicle.


The manufacturer also showcased a buggy-style space mobility concept vehicle that can climb stones about 20 inches tall and 25-degree slopes. Each of its wheels has an independent driving system, and Toyota claims it is built to withstand the worst conditions. Toyota, like other automakers, develops design initiatives to test new technologies and components, and these unusual mobility experiments will aid in creating new EVs.

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