Twitter will charge $11 per month for its mobile app, Twitter Blue, and $7 for its website

According to The Information, Twitter intends to charge $11 per month for a Twitter Blue subscription on the iPhone in order to cover Apple’s 30% cut of in-app purchases. Twitter Blue will cost $7 per month on the internet.

Twitter was charging $7.99 for a subscription to Twitter Blue before it was put on hold, but the cost will increase before it relaunches. Some employees have reportedly been informed of the new pricing, but since Twitter CEO Elon Musk is renowned for making rash decisions, it is still unclear if things could change.

Twitter will be able to give Apple its 30 percent cut of in-app purchase revenue thanks to the higher price point of the iPhone without materially affecting Twitter’s bottom line. The price difference will probably persuade the majority of customers to subscribe online, saving Twitter from having to pay for in-app purchases. Other businesses, such as Spotify, have in the past imposed higher prices on the iPhone than on the web, but this frequently causes consumer confusion because they do not understand why the costs vary depending on the device.

Apple is fine with businesses charging more for subscriptions in apps than they do online. Following a brief dispute between Twitter and Apple, pricing adjustments for Twitter Blue have been made. On Friday, Twitter plans to relaunch Twitter Blue. After Musk added a verification checkmark to Twitter Blue, which made it possible for anyone with $8 to impersonate businesses, celebrities, and other high-profile figures, subscriptions to the service were halted.

Twitter Blue is anticipated to be relaunched with restrictions on changing usernames and caps on signups for newer accounts, as well as different badge colors for businesses, government accounts, and individuals.

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