WiTribe Speed Test Online | Check WiTribe Broadband Packages

WiTribe Speed Test Online | Check WiTribe Broadband Packages

Welcome to the Wi-tribe Speed test tool. For those who want to go for Wi-Tribe or already on this less expensive Pakistan broadband internet connection, this page is like a heaven. It is providing high quality yet cheap internet services to the customers for quite a long time. The services are active in major cities of the country such as Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Multan, and Gujranwala. The focus of the company is on providing limitless internet bandwidth to the customers who want to explore the online world.

It offers different packages with different Internet speeds and bandwidth solutions. The minimum starts from 1Mb and goes up to 9Mbps. If you want to start an online business or want to use it for your home needs then this is a better option among all other available at the moment. The company knows both the personal and professional needs of its customers. The customer support provided by the company is just excellent. They have customer service centers in multiple locations in a single city.

Witribe Speed Test – Why You Need Speed Testing of Your Wi-Tribe

Wi-Tribe offers high-quality internet services, but in some areas, it may not fulfill the required needs of the customers. There are plenty of reasons for it. Like the weather conditions, Area, the direction of the singles, etc. All these elements disturb the speed of an Internet connection. In such cases, you may face low internet signals and lower speed. You need to check the speed of the Wi-Tribe to analyze the issue in a better way.

You need to make sure a few important tasks before starting speed testing of your Internet connection.

  • Close the apps which consume the data
  • Connect your device to the accurate connection
  • Update the router
  • Properly configure the router settings based on Wi-Tribe instructions
  • Close all the unwanted browsers
  • Turn off proxy and VPN connections
  • Wi-Tribe Speed Test

With the help of our free Wi-Tribe Internet test, you can assess the speed of your personal or business connection. The speed test tool for Wi-Tribe helps you find real-time download and upload speed.

Wi-Tribe Internet Speed Test Widget

All the Available Wi-Tribe Internet Packages

In the below-given table, you will see the complete list of all the available packages. It contains monthly packages. Go for the one which suits you better.

Package NameData (GBs)ValidityPrice
Super Saver 3G Speeds Package (For KARACHI & LAHORE)2030 DaysRs.699
Mbps 3G Speed Internet Package (For KARACHI & LAHORE)4030 DaysRs.1199
3 Mbps Basic Internet Package5030 DaysRs.1249
2 Mbps Truly Unlimited Postpaid PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.1399
Unlimited 3G Speed Internet Package (For KARACHI & LAHORE)Unlimited30 DaysRs.1399
Wi-Tribe 3 Mbps 3G Speed Internet Package ( Karachi, Lahore)4030 DaysRs.1399
Wi-Tribe 3 Mbps Truly Unlimited Postpaid PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.1599
Wi-Tribe 5 Mbps Unlimited Elite PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.2249
Wi-Tribe 7 Mbps Unlimited Elite PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.2499
Wi-Tribe 12 Mbps Unlimited Flash PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.3599
Wi-Tribe 15 Mbps Unlimited Flash PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.5099
Wi-Tribe 20 Mbps Unlimited Flash PackageUnlimited30 DaysRs.6999
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