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Online retailers in the Netherlands benefit from a rapidly expanding network of online marketplaces. According to research, Dutch consumers use platform-based sales channels such as online marketplaces like Ducks to Water. Indeed, 96% of Dutch consumers over 15 made at least one online purchase in 2019. That’s excellent news for Dutch managers and business owners who sell on these marketplaces. The Dutch are avid internet shoppers. Fortunately, there is a thriving, diverse online marketplace in the Netherlands that is just waiting for vendors like you. The top ten online marketplaces that are currently operating in the Netherlands will be covered in this article. Thus, you’ve come to the ideal place if you’re considering expanding your online sales channels to a new platform.


The top 10 e-commerce stores in the Netherlands


Sites Unique Quality
Bol The large customer base of more than 10 million shoppers, access to automation, advertising, and logistics support.
Zalando, Specializing in fashion retail works closely with selected partners to create a distinctive shopping experience.
Amazon has a large customer base and the ability to use Amazon’s fulfillment option, FBA, for selling products overseas.
Wehkamp A pioneer in Dutch e-commerce with a wide range of products and fast delivery with an easy returns policy.
Coolblue is Known for exceptional customer service, offering a range of consumer electronics, white goods, and fitness equipment.
fonQ specializes in high-quality home living products and provides access to another marketplace called Vtwonen by fonQ.
Decathlon: A sports marketplace with in-house brands dedicated to specific sports or practices.
Beslist: A price comparison site that has transformed into an online shopping centre with many affiliated webshops and products.
Media Markt Offers a wide range of consumer electronics and links online shops with local brick-and-mortar stores for a hybrid shopping experience.
Jumbo, A supermarket chain with an online platform offers various products, including toys, stationery, beauty care, and more.



For a considerable amount of time, has been the leading online retailer in the Netherlands. was first introduced as a “stand-alone” online store in the Netherlands in 1999. Ahold Delhaize, the company’s current owner, has encouraged further development and enhancements, including moving to a fully functional marketplace in 2011. maintained its position as the industry leader in e-commerce thanks to this action. Although third-party vendors earned a significant portion, the online store brought in 1.64 billion euros in revenue last year. Over 40,000 business owners currently use to market their products. And it makes sense—more than 10 million shoppers use the site, which has a robust customer base. You may reach millions of clients in Belgium and the Netherlands by selling on without paying any upfront fees. 


To visit the site, click on the link:

2. Zalando 

Zalando began as a specialized online store selling shoes in Germany in 2008. Today, it is one of the biggest fashion-focused marketplaces in the Netherlands, with a significant presence in Germany and Europe.  It offers shoes, accessories, apparel, and cosmetics for sale. Zalando’s primary sales channels are dedicated to fashion retail. Other sales channels include Zalando Lounge, outlet stores, and overstock management. Thirty-five million active platform users visit its website 420 million times a month. The Zalando marketplace platform collaborates closely with carefully chosen partners to offer customers a unique shopping experience that meets the criteria that are guaranteed. Therefore, selling through Zalando is contingent upon getting approved for their partnership program. Reputable merchants with unique and high-quality brands have an excellent probability of being approved as Zalando partners. 


To visit the site, click on the link: Zalando 


Even before Amazon debuted its full service via the website, it was already the third-largest marketplace in the Netherlands. With 21 million monthly visits, is expanding quickly in the Netherlands. Customers can purchase its products on from Belgium, the US, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Spain in addition to the Netherlands. In addition to setting up an Amazon shop, you may use Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA. You can have your products sent by Amazon for an additional monthly fee; this is a fantastic choice if you want to sell goods abroad. With a lot of complexity, will likely hold onto its ranking as the third-largest online marketplace in the Netherlands, if not grow its clientele over the next several years.


To visit the site, click on the link: Amazon 

4. Wehkamp

On this list, Wehkamp is among the first and oldest organizations in the Netherlands. Being a real eCommerce pioneer, it remained at the top of the retail sector for nearly 40 years. In 1952, the company began employing a mail-order system and has since expanded. In 1985, Wehkamp unveiled its voice-response telephone order system, and in 1995, the company launched its first website. The website sells various products, including furniture and home décor, clothing for men, women, children, and much more. They also have the most incredible deals on a variety of items. Because of its speedy delivery and straightforward return policy, it is the best platform in the Netherlands. Wehkamp is one of the main companies in Dutch e-commerce, with 8.20 million visitors in the past six months. To stay ahead of its competition, it has lately made significant investments in the e-commerce market.


To visit the site, click on the link: Wehkamp 

5. Coolblue

Coolblue is a company that does more than only sell products online. They create all-in-one solutions for their clients by providing industry-leading customer experiences and supporting infrastructure. They offer services online in 22 storefronts in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. The company is well-known for its excellent customer service and sells consumer electronics, white goods, and exercise equipment. Coolblue strives to please its customers and is usually praised for its sense of humor, which is visible in the writing on its packaging. Coolbluers employs almost 6,000 people on the platform, including solar panel installation specialists, developers, bike delivery drivers, and customer service representatives. They always provide a warm welcome to new acquaintances and offer them more than just jobs; they also provide careers and all the related training opportunities.


To visit the site, click on the link: Coolblue

6. fonQ. 

In the middle of 2018, FonQ launched its marketplace, providing a venue for outside vendors to list their selection of goods. Another marketplace that fonQ has acquired since April 2019 is called Vtwonen. For this reason, the online store is also known as Vtwonen by fonQ. Marketplace is an expert in fine home furnishings. They mainly sell furniture and home accents for your décor. Currently available for purchase on the Vtwonen marketplace are over 35,000 products. The yearly revenue of FonQ exceeds 95 million euros. You can use fonQ to sell on as well. Vtwonen is a closed platform to which users can only gain access upon selection by both Vtwonen and fonQ. Start making sales on fonQ right away, and who knows—you might soon get access to Vtwonen! Automate your sales on this platform using EffectConnect!


To visit the site, click on the link: FonQ 

7. Decathlon

The founding principle of the family-run business Decathlon was that everyone should have access to the most significant sporting goods when it was established in 1976. Belgium was the first country to adopt the marketplace concept, which was later extended to the Netherlands. By 2020, Decathlon had over 1,500 stores around Europe and operated in over 10 countries, including France, Germany, and Spain. Several more countries were on the company’s roadmap. By selling through Decathlon, you may reach a significant portion of Europe’s 800 million unique visitors annually. You may acquire the best quality at the most affordable price online or in-store, anytime, from any location. Decathlon has its internal brands in addition to being a reseller. At the moment, Decathlon has over 20 brands, each focused on a particular activity or sport. 


To visit the site, click on the link: Decathlon


Founded in 2005, Beslist is a pricing comparison website primarily serving the Dutch market. It is currently among the country’s biggest e-commerce platforms. Its first goal was to compare the pricing of every internet product. On the other hand, as product pricing became increasingly comparable on the Internet, market strategies shifted. As a result, Beslist had to decide to change its mission and turn it into an online marketplace. With over 10,000 linked online stores, 25 million products, 10,000 daily sales, and a 2% conversion rate for every 500,000 visitors, the platform is doing quite well. Considering putting your products on a new platform, Beslist is an excellent choice. Customers adore the easy shopping process that lets them purchase and compare products simultaneously. 


To visit the site, click on the link: Beslist 

9. Media Markt


Established in 1979, MediaMarkt is a worldwide chain of German retailers specializing in consumer electronics. It operates over 1,000 locations in thirteen European nations. The retail business Economy, which separated from Metro Group in 2017, owns Media-Saturn Holding, comprising the Saturn chain of stores. The store runs a thriving online marketplace as well. The market provides a range of traditional consumer electronics, such as cellphones, white goods, brown goods, and related accessories. The platform doesn’t think twice about taking advantage of fresh chances in markets for areas like health and fitness. You can configure smart filters to only offer products from specific brands, with minimum stock, margin, price, or other requirements. Customers can purchase online, in-person, or through other sales channels as part of their customer experience thanks to MediaMarkt, which connects internet retailers with nearby physical locations.


To visit the site, click on the link: MediaMarkt 

10. Jumbo

In Belgium and the Netherlands, there is a grocery chain called Jumbo. It is a part of the Van Eerd Group, which is privately held. Founded in 1921, Van Eerd began as a wholesale grocery business. After Albert Heijn, Jumbo is the second-biggest grocery chain in the Netherlands, with 740 locations and a 22% market share. Toys, infant products, stationery, packing supplies, nibbles for beauty care, candy, home goods, books, and seasonal things are all offered by the company. Additionally, Jumbo has created its platform to provide direct online retail to customers. Jumbo is a well-regarded supermarket in the Netherlands, as seen by its flourishing online eCommerce business. One of the most significant players in this top 10 is predicted to be there.


To visit the site, click on the link: Jumbo 

Wrap Up.

E-commerce is now more needed than a choice in the current environment, not just in the Netherlands but worldwide. A retailer’s ability to succeed in the future depends on having a solid web presence. Because of this, it is more important than ever to comprehend the significance of eCommerce, and for a developing or established company, having a team of professionals and applying new technologies is crucial. And in the Netherlands, companies, including Wehkamp, Coolblue, fonQ, Decathlon,, Jumbo,, Zalando,, and Media Markt are the top ten successful online marketplaces that work correctly with a great team and new technologies. All the sites mentioned above may fulfill your needs to buy anything from groceries to electronic items as they are the best in their online services in the country.

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