The top 10 e-commerce stores in Italy

Italy best e-commerce stores

Italy is one of the best destinations for shoppers, where you will find the world’s most iconic shopping streets that will probably be enough to attract you. And now, it has also become one of the most significant countries for internet shopping. Italy is well-known for its fashion, cosmetic items, and high-end brands, but which shopping websites are best here for online shopping? If you have the same question, you are on the right path to discovering the best sites for shopping in Italy. In this blog post, we will look at some of Italy’s most fabulous shopping destinations so that you can select your ideal Italian shopping trip!


Site Unique Quality
Amazon Dominates the Italian online shopping market with the most popular online marketplace, extensive product range, and global reach.
Subito The most popular buying and selling website in Italy, with a wide range of categories and a focus on prompt responses to user requests.
eBay It offers a marketplace for new and used products with a broad audience, making it a desirable choice for internet retailers.
Esselunga is The largest grocery chain in Italy, known for affordability and a wide range of online products, including fresh and organic items.
Temu is dedicated to offering high-quality products at low prices through a global network of vendors and reliable logistics partners.
Privalia is A fashion outlet collection discount marketplace with a strong presence in Italian internet retail and a focus on branded merchandise at substantial discounts.
ManoMano A niche marketplace in Italy specializing in DIY, home items, crafts, and gardening with a high degree of trust and expert community support.
AliExpress Offers cost-effective shopping with a vast product range, making it one of the most well-liked online retailers in Italy.
Zalando: A significant European fashion marketplace is known for its wide range of apparel, accessories, and shoes, attracting fashion-conscious shoppers.
Mediaworld Offers a wide range of products, from household goods to clothing and footwear, making it a versatile shopping destination with international shopping options.


1. Amazon

When it first opened for business in 2007, Amazon Italy pioneered online shopping in Italy and has continued to dominate the market. With roughly 175.4 million visits, Amazon is undoubtedly the most popular online marketplace in Italy. This means that every Italian accesses the website of the US company on average nearly three times every month. Furthermore, Italian visitors to are not included in this total. As a result, is now the most popular website overall in Italy. Selling on Amazon gives your products outstanding exposure and gives you access to a global client base. With over twenty million products and quick shipping, this online store has expanded into an actual mall. They provide products in various categories, including apps, Automotive, Cosmetics, Books, Electronics, Movies and television, Clothing and apparel, Garden and outdoor, Grocery and food, Health, Household, Toys, Video games, and many more.


To experience the site, click here:

2. Subito

Subito.It was established in Italy in 2007 and is currently the top online marketplace there, with a large selection of goods available. As the most extensive online classifieds service in Italy, Subito is ranked in the top ten most popular websites in the nation. With more than 37 categories, 53 million visitors, and 124,000 newly approved advertisements per day, Subito is the most popular buying and selling website in Italy. It has a dominant market share in the automobile vertical. As implied by its name, Subito seeks to present itself as a prompt answer to a range of requests. With around 63.7 million monthly visits, the platform is the most popular domestic marketplace in Italy among Italian e-commerce users. Therefore, you can frequently help your expansion attempts into Italy by selling through this platform. 


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3. eBay

Pierre Omidyar established this online store in 1995 to build the biggest platform for product purchases and sales worldwide. This online store offers various products, such as apparel, cars, antiques, and décoration items for the house and garden. Many different client groups find it to be a favorite because it sells both new and used things. Currently trailing Amazon by some distance, eBay is the top runner-up with over 51.4 million monthly visits. Still, many different industries’ online sellers find the platform appealing. It provides an online store where businesses and individuals may buy and sell various products. eBay offers an easy-to-use selling strategy and access to a large audience of merchants. 


To experience the site, click here: eBay 

4. Esselunga

Esselunga was established in 1957 as one of the most prominent chains of supermarkets in Italy. It is one of Italy’s first e-commerce pioneers and the most reasonably priced supermarket. About nine percent of the Italian grocery distribution market is owned by Esselunga. It’s the largest grocery chain in the country, with more than three hundred stores. It allows you to purchase anything you need online without leaving the comforts of your home, including food, furniture, and household goods. Esselunga offers a variety of products, including fresh food and organic things created locally. It has more than 160 stores throughout Northern and Central Italy.


To experience this site, click here: Esselunga 

5. Temu

In 2022, Temu was established in Boston, Massachusetts, to enable users to live their best lives. Temu links customers with millions of vendors, producers, and brands worldwide. Temu is dedicated to providing the highest caliber products at the lowest possible price so buyers and sellers can realize their goals in a welcoming atmosphere. Temu uses seasoned and dependable logistics partners to ship its goods from a global network of manufacturers and suppliers. The product being ordered will determine the delivery origins for Temu. Temu, however, collaborates with top package delivery services like UPS, FedEx, and USPS to guarantee that every order is delivered to clients safely and on time.


To experience this site, click here: Temu

6. Privalia

Founded in Barcelona in 2015, the Privalia marketplace mainly caters to the e-commerce marketplaces in Italy and Spain. In essence, it is an outlet collection discount marketplace, as per the Veepee group. In 2016, VeePee, a French online marketplace, paid $560 million to purchase Privalia. The online fashion store in Italy has over 6 million visits per month, placing it within the relevant category of online marketplaces. In Italian internet retail, Privalia continues to enjoy a positive reputation. Connected brands are the only ones selling their products and have complete control over their catalog. Owing to substantial price reductions on name-brand merchandise, frequently paired with flash sales, this marketplace offers exceptional value. This platform can be ideal for you, particularly if you wish to market your clothing lines in Spain and Italy.


To experience this site, click here: Privalia

7. ManoMano 

Among Italian markets that don’t concentrate on a wide variety of products, ManoMano, a niche marketplace with a French base, comes in second. Instead, ManoMano is a well-liked destination for vendors and consumers in categories including DIY, home items, crafts, and gardening. Not unexpectedly, the French platform has a significant presence not just in Italy but also in the French e-commerce industry. ManoMano’s reputation in its area is its primary benefit for sellers. The community has a high degree of trust, and visitors to the marketplace typically have stronger buy intentions than, say, those who frequent Amazon. Besides the 8.3 million user reviews on the platform, ManoMano has established a community of experts known as Manodvisors.


To experience this site, click here: ManoMano 

8. Aliexpress

The official European and Italian website for the massive Chinese online retailer Ali Baba is AliExpress. It provides cost-effective shopping without requiring a credit card. This shopping site has over 20 million things available, including electronics, cosmetics, and beauty products, so there should be something for everyone! AliExpress, one of Italy’s most popular online stores, provides practically any product imaginable. AliExpress is a specialist shop and e-commerce platform. AliExpress allows businesses and individuals to sell various things on its platform, including apparel and accessories, electronics and cell phones, jewelry, household goods, and sporting goods.


To experience this site, click here: AliExpress

9. Zalando

Zalando is another popular e-commerce site founded in 2008 in Italy. That is a Berlin-based firm. It is a well-known site for fashion enthusiasts in all European countries, especially Italy. It offers various trendy products, including garments, clothing, accessories, and shoes from numerous brands. Zalando focuses on attracting fashion enthusiast customers by bringing new trends and the latest techniques. It has almost 13.9 million monthly visitors. Fashion retailers may discover that selling on Zalando is an excellent approach to reaching a large audience. But if you want to be a Zalando merchant, then you must have a website that offers free shipping and returns.


To experience this site, click here: Zalando 

10. Mediaworld

In 1979, Media World was established and has since grown to become one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Europe, boasting more than 300 hypermarkets in Russia and Italy. Recently, the Italian market research firm Mediaworld was voted the best place to shop in the country. How does Mediaworld stand out? With so much to choose from, this shopping app offers something for everyone. Products include everything from apparel and shoes to home goods, garden supplies, and sporting goods. Brands of the highest caliber may be found in Mediaworld, one of the most well-liked shopping places in Italy. The website offers overseas purchasing as well for people in need.


To experience this site, click here: Mediaworld


Italy is not just famous for its iconic shopping streets and high-end brands, but it has also proven itself as the best destination for online shopping. This article covers the top 10 online shopping stores in Italy, and all of them offer various products and services to fulfill the needs of their customers. Some are famous for fashion, some for grocery shopping, and some facilitate buying and selling, which means Italian consumers. These top e-commerce stores provide a gateway to shopping ease and choices to Italian customers. Whether looking for the newest fashion trends, household goods, or niche products, these Italian internet retailers will cover your needs. Happy shopping!

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