How to Stream Paramount TV Shows and Movies on Your PlayStation PS4


You may stream Paramount TV episodes and movies on your PlayStation PS4 if you enjoy doing so on your TV. Being able to access all of Paramount’s content catalog, including The Godfather Series, Transformers, Top Gun, and much more, makes it one of the greatest over-the-top (OTT) streaming services.

Additionally, it allows you access to CBS programmes, including the 24/7 live news, TV shows, and sporting events. We’ll demonstrate how to watch Paramount Plus on your PS4 in this article. To understand more, read this article.

Plans for Paramount Subscription

The two main Paramount+ subscription tiers are as follows:

Essential Plan

With this subscription, you have access to hundreds of movies and TV episodes as well as live news coverage on CBS Network around-the-clock. Additionally, it provides access to select sporting events on CBS, such as the NFL and UEFA Champions League, with a minimum amount of advertising. The basic package is $4.99 per month or annually.

Superior Plan

The premium plan offers the same content as the Essential plan, but there is less advertising and a greater selection of live sporting events. Additionally, you’ll be able to download your preferred shows for offline watching and access content from your nearby CBS stations. The price of this bundle is $9.99 per month or $99.99 annually.

How to Sign Up for PS Plus on a PS4

Our research indicates that PS4 users can access Paramount Plus. Therefore, you can use the straightforward methods indicated below to download the Paramount Plus programme to your PS4 console.

On the PS4, install and add Paramount Plus

Using PS Remote Play, watch Paramount Plus on a PS4

Using these methods, you can install the Paramount Plus programme and its components on the PS4 system.

On the PS4, Install and Add Paramount Plus

To watch Paramount+ on your PS4, you must first download the Paramount+ app from the PlayStation Store. It is free and easy to download once you have access to a dependable WiFi network.

You can download the Paramount+ app on a PS4 by following these steps:

  • Before turning on your PS4 system, be sure it is connected to a trustworthy wifi network.
  • Use the Home screen to access the PlayStation Store.
  • Choose the Paramount+ app after locating it.
  • After choosing Download, wait while the software downloads.
  • After that, use the Paramount+ app and log in with your details.
  • You may now view your favourite Paramount and CBS movies and TV shows through the Paramount+ app.

Using PS Remote Play, Watch Paramount Plus on a PS4

After carefully following all of the directions for adding, stream the Paramount+ show and its contents on the PS4 console using PS Remote Play.

Step 1: Attach your PS4 to a TV and a high-speed internet connection first.

Step 2: To enable Remote Play, go to settings and remote play connection options.

Step 3: Next, you must activate your PS4 as the primary console by selecting Activate under Settings > Account Management.

Step 4: To enable Rest Mode on our PS4, we’ll next navigate to the settings and power saving settings menu.

Step 5: Check the following checkboxes and set its characteristics to Available in Rest Mode.

Step 6: Verify the box. Maintain an active internet connection while turning on your PS4 from the network.

Step 7: Next, connect your phone to the same internet as your PlayStation 4 by going to your phone.

Step 8: Find the PS Remote Play and Paramount Plus apps in the system’s default app store, then install them.

Step 9: After that, open the PS Remote Play app and sign in using your PS4 information.

Step 10: When you connect your phone and PS4, the screen from your phone will appear on the PS4 screen.

Step 11: At this point, on your phone, click the Paramount+ video to watch it.


You may find all of the wonderful acts from today’s article featuring the Paramount Plus programme for the PS4 system here. Those who need to use the Paramount Plus app on their PS4 system may find this information useful. As a result, we appreciate your interest in our blog about the Paramount Plus app for the PlayStation 4 system.

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