A List of the 10 Best eCommerce Stores in Sri Lanka

Best eCommerce Stores in Sri Lanka


The e-commerce introduction changed the buying and selling process in Sri Lanka like any other country. It has widened significantly by offering consumers ease and a wide range of options. Traditional shopping might be good or bad, but the possibilities are limitless with the development of e-commerce. In Sri Lanka, e-commerce, or electronic commerce, has transformed how they buy and sell items. It is a game changer, not just in Sri Lanka but globally. As a vendor, e-commerce provides access to a large customer base, and all you have to do is present your products on your chosen website. As the online economy in Sri Lanka is thriving, we have listed the top 10 e-commerce stores that provide an exceptional purchasing experience.


 The top 10 e-commerce stores in Sri Lanka


Site Unique Quality
Daraz Offers over 20 million products in 100+ categories.
Kapruka Allows orders from major international e-commerce sites.
Wow Provides a wide range of product categories for international and domestic customers.
Ikman Offers a wide range of products, including job listings and services.
Takas Introduced a Cash-on-delivery (COD) service, premium products, and island-wide delivery.
Bigdeals Focuses on time, value, and security with a wide range of authentic products.
Wasi It started as a free Internet shopping site and now offers a variety of products.
PatPat Provides financial services, including auto leasing and loans.
Zigzag specialises in online fashion retail with distinctive and attractive designs.
BuyAbans Offers the ability to reserve and purchase products at Abans Duty-Free shop.


1. Daraz

Daraz is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce platforms in Asia, founded in 2012. Daraz tells the story of a Pakistani fashion retailer. Alibaba Group eventually purchased it in 2018. It operates in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Its website and app offer over 20 million products in over 100 categories, including fashionable products, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, and consumer gadgets. There are 500 brands and more than 30,000 merchants. Daraz is committed to giving customers an excellent experience, which includes simple shopping and return procedures. It has convenience in purchasing and offers its customers a comprehensive service. 


Link: Daraz


2. Kapruka.com

In 2002, Dulith Herath established Kapruka, Sri Lanka’s first and largest locally-owned e-commerce enterprise. Kapruka Online Shopping Website allows Sri Lankan and expatriate customers to make online purchases through their website. It sells various brands’ products, such as electronics, homeware, stationery, mobile, cell phones, and accessories, and its own-label things, such as Kapruka cakes, flowers, and fruits and vegetables. The Group works with over 500 high-end brands to execute orders and assure last-mile delivery for online orders, with approximately 25000 goods and 30 different services. The newest addition, ”Kapruka Global Shop,” allows you to place orders from major e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart.


Link: Kapruka

3. Wow.lk

Wow. lk was established in 2012 and is run by Dialogue Axiata PLC. Wow. lk has been running smoothly since then and is still ranked first among Sri Lanka’s top e-commerce sites. Wow is an e-commerce company that caters to both international and domestic customers. To meet your preference and style, you can choose your preferred product from categories such as white goods, electronics, lifestyle, gadgets, mobile phones, computers, home items, exercise equipment, and more. You may obtain the finest bargains and genuine value, safe payment choices, island-wide delivery, authentic guarantee, and superb after-sales services. However, specific terms and conditions must be obeyed! Meanwhile, you can filter the list of searched products, then contact and purchase your selected product while delivering it to your home.


Link: Wow.lk

4. Ikman. Lk

Ikman. Lk was founded in 2012 by a team with nearly a decade of experience in the internet world, and it has been conquering your love and desire for a low-cost buy ever since. It is available in several languages, including Sinhala, Tamil, and English. If you seek a product at a low cost, Ikman. Lk will be a fantastic site to fulfil your desires.  Around 50 categories include electronics, autos, real estate, home and garden, business and industry, animals, fashion, etc. It is not only restricted to things; you can also use man to find your dream job. You can also use ikman to request printer repairs, AC installation and service maintenance, and typing services.


Link: Ikman

5. Takas.lk

Takas. Lk co-founder and CEO Lahiru Pathmalal brought the Cash on Delivery (COD) service to the Sri Lankan market, making them the first E-Commerce company to do so. Takas was founded in 2011 to make it easy for Sri Lankan consumers to receive everything they wanted. Because of their dedicated consumer base, they’ve evolved into one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted Online Shopping Websites. Takas. Sampath Bank, Commercial Bank, and Nation Trust Bank process lk payments. Takas. Lk provides premium products that are brand new and of high quality. Items with cash on delivery service up to Rs. 50,000 are available. This platform enables 700 businesses and 25,000 products to be supplied throughout the island. 


Link: Takas

6. Bigdeals.lk

Bigdeals is one of Sri Lanka’s leading and fastest-growing e-commerce businesses that can meet your requirements. Bigdeals strives to provide a secure platform for its consumers. Bigdeals can help you get your stuff at a low cost. When purchasing something, customers search for time, value, and security. You can save money, avoid traffic, and conduct secure online transactions with Bigdeals. With eight years of experience, they’ve thoroughly studied and researched the market to present their clients with the best products and prices accessible. This website offers a wide range of authentic products with a firm warranty. They provide island-wide delivery to your door with the assistance of ABS Courier Company at assured reasonable rates.


Link: Bigdeals 

7. Wasi.lk

Wasi. lk was launched in 2013 to make purchasing in Sri Lanka more convenient by offering free internet shopping. Wasi. lk began with only three products and quickly enjoyed tremendous economic growth. Soon after, Wasi. lk added a Visa/Mastercard online payment option to their website, which clients well received. They now sell many products, including cell phones, cameras, laptop computers, healthcare and personal care products, home appliances and gadgets, toys, and more. Startupranking.com selected Wasi.lk as the eighth-best startup in Sri Lanka. Deliver your requested items across the island in 4-7 business days.


Link: Wasi

8. PatPat.lk

Patpat was established in 2017. It is an e-commerce website that caters to your lifestyle requirements. PatPat allows you to post an ad for free. Patpat. lk is more user-friendly due to its affordability and ease. You can browse the goods by popular categories, including vehicles, three wheels, electronics, groceries, health items, housing, rooms & annexes, business management, and household. PatPat gives a prominent role to Sri Lankan-made products. The website features excellent made-in Sri Lankan products. PatPat meets all of your financial requirements. You can choose from auto leasing, property, and personal loans to complete your financial situation.


Link: Patpat 

9. Zigzag.lk

ZigZag.lk is an online fashion retail store launched in 2014 by Dinindu Nawarathna to create the greatest customer-satisfying online path in Sri Lanka’s e-commerce ecosystem. Zigzag.lk is an online clothing marketplace that offers distinctive and attractive designs to give a touch of glam to your everyday life. You can try various things with ZigZag and pay with credit cards, cash on delivery, or bank transfers. And you can fulfil your immediate demands with a flagship store open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 22 Bagatelle Road, Colombo 03. If you want to make your clothing buy in a glamorously dominant and stylish manner, ZigZag is the fairway for you. 


Link: ZigZag

10. BuyAbans

Since 2007, Buyabans.lk has worked with the best-serving Abans group of companies. They intend to deliver the best online shopping experience possible, with access to the best products at the lowest rates to meet your requirements. Abans also services consumers who buy from the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, and other countries for friends and family in Sri Lanka. Unlike other electrical appliance e-commerce sites, Buyabans.lk allows you to select, reserve, and purchase your desired product at Abans Duty-Free shop for pickup when it arrives. Seven days before your reservation, you will receive a notification. Buyabans will be officially processed within 4-5 working days. This will be done to your credit card/bank account; however, the refunding time is not guaranteed based on your bank’s duration process.


Link: Buyabans


E-commerce’s market penetration is steadily rising. These startups’ significant enthusiasm for innovation should be greatly appreciated. Examine each e-commerce site that powers the top 10 Growing e-commerce Sites in Sri Lanka. Use the sites listed above to make day-to-day purchases easier.  I hope you’ve looked into some beautiful places where you can purchase your things and sell them. These websites will ensure that you have a fantastic purchasing and selling experience.

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