The greenest cars of 2024: Vehicles that use the least fuel and cost less to operate

Greenest cars 2024 ACEEE

According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s annual GreenerCars rankings of the most environmentally friendly vehicles, the current Toyota Prius Prime SE plug-in hybrid tops the list.

Six of the top ten vehicles in the ratings are electric, with four being hybrids:

Rank Make & Model Powertrain Green


MSRP Estimated Annual

Fuel Cost*

1 Hyundai Ioniq 5 EV 62 $41,650 $737
2 Toyota Corolla Gas Hybrid 62 $23,500 $944
3 Kia EV6 EV 63 $43,975 $689
4 Toyota Camry LE Gas Hybrid 63 $28,855 $907
5 Hyundai Kona Electric EV 63 $34,050 $695
6 Hyundai Elantra Blue Gas Hybrid 64 $26,250 $864
7 Toyota RAV4 Prime PHEV 64 $43,690 $741
8 Toyota bZ4X EV 66 $43,070 $689
9 Nissan Leaf EV 66 $28,140 $741
10 Mini Cooper SE EV 67 $30,900 $747
11 Lexus RZ 300e EV 67 $55,150 $651
12 Toyota Prius Prime SE PHEV 71 $32,975 $529

*ACEEE analysis based on EIA statistics for the annual cost of driving 15,000 miles using gasoline, electricity, or a combination.

The Greener Choices list includes several high-scoring conventional automobiles, while the Meanest List features the worst-performing mass-market models. The Honda Accord Hybrid ranks first on the “greener” list, which the organization defines as cars “available nationwide with among the lowest environmental impacts.”

This comes as average prices for all EVs fell by 18% in 2023 due to increasing competition from traditional automakers, inventory, supply chain improvements, and lower lithium-ion battery prices.

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