Toyota’s Electric Vehicles with Simulated Manual Transmissions: Nostalgia-driven Innovation

Toyota Electric Vehicles

Toyota is gearing up to introduce a unique feature in their upcoming electric vehicle lineup: simulated manual transmissions. This innovation seeks to tap into the nostalgic sentiments of seasoned drivers. A recently acquired patent report from May 2023 reveals that these models will mimic the experience of manually shifting gears, including the sensation of the car stuttering if drivers make mistakes.

According to CNN, the simulated manual transmission will utilize a fake clutch to send signals to the engine, replicating the feeling of switching gears. Additionally, the vehicles will simulate downshifting, enabling drivers to decelerate using the transmission instead of relying solely on the brakes.

Even those who never had the chance to drive a manual car can now experience the initial trepidation associated with making errors. CNN reports that these models have been programmed to react with jolts and bucking if drivers shift into the wrong gear, mimicking the consequences of poor clutch usage.

Toyota has yet to comment on which specific models will incorporate this simulated clutch or whether it will incur any additional costs for consumers. As the automotive industry continues to evolve, Toyota aims to strike a chord with customers by blending cutting-edge electric technology with the charm of yesteryear’s manual transmissions.

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