2024 Tesla Model Y Refresh: Major Changes Inside and Out

Tesla Model Y Redesign


A Bloomberg report claims that a redesign of the Tesla Model Y is planned for 2024. In accordance with the most recent report, the Model Y will first receive updates in China; however, it does not specify when the U.S. version will receive comparable changes.


Blomberg cites “people familiar with the matter” as sources and claims that the updated Model Y could enter mass production as early as mid-2024. According to the report, there will be “much more obvious exterior and interior changes than the most recent update in October.”


The Model Y update included some minor adjustments to the range and acceleration figures, as well as the addition of ambient lighting and a new wheel option. Although these modifications were made public for China, the Model Y was not able to be sold in the United States.


The report implies that the upcoming update will be comparable in scope to the Model 3 refresh that we saw earlier this year, which makes the most recent news even more alluring. This suggests that the Model Y may get new exterior styling, an updated interior, improved suspension, and additional interior technology.


It’s hard to predict exactly what or how Tesla will update the Model Y, but given how well the crossover sells worldwide, hearing about one is significant. When the changes are anticipated to be revealed early next year, perhaps we’ll have more information about the Model Y.

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