Hyundai reveals Ioniq 5 N performance parts at Tokyo Auto Salon

High-performance Hyundai Ioniq


With 641 horsepower, aggressive bodywork, an upgraded chassis, suspension, and brakes, few people would think the Hyundai Ioniq 5 N needed much else. However, “not many people” does not imply “all people.” So, for those who want something even wilder, Hyundai will release aftermarket parts for the high-performance EV, which it previewed with the NPX1 concept at the Tokyo Auto Salon.


The NPX1 abbreviation “N Performance eXperimental 1” is simply a showcase for the aftermarket parts Hyundai is developing for the Ioniq 5 N. They’re obviously focused on beefing up the already beefy sheet metal of the 5 N.


A massive front splitter with tall endplates, deep side skirts with rear air intakes, and a massive rear diffuser are among them. The rear wing appears to be from a race car. The NPX1 also rides on wheels made of alloy spokes and carbon fiber rims.


There are also improvements beneath the skin. Hyundai says that among the parts available will be more aggressive brake pads and lower springs. The NPX1 also gets Alcantara throughout the interior and race-inspired bucket seats.


The parts are reportedly still being developed, but Hyundai says they will be available for the Ioniq 5 N later this year. It will be the first model to receive a variety of factory aftermarket parts, but it will not be the only one, as parts for Hyundai’s entire N range are being developed.

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