Wanted Hotdoggers: You might be the next drive-in Wienermobile

Oscar Mayer Wienermobile adventure


While many of us probably work at jobs we don’t like this morning, some people are living the dream. If your dream involves flying a 27-foot-long hot dog nationwide, that could be you. Oscar Meyer recently announced hiring a dozen drivers for the iconic Wienermobile for a year.


The only real drawback is that the dozen lucky drivers will only be on the job for a year. However, the position is paid, with a salary of $35,600 plus $150 per week for meals and lodging. You will also receive a comprehensive health benefits package as well as 18 days of paid time off.


Though that salary will not make you wealthy, the title of “Hotdogger” – as you’ll be called if you get the job – is only held by a select few. Oscar Meyer hires less than 1% of applicants, and candidates must have a bachelor’s degree, with a preference for those who studied public relations and related fields.


While the job sounds fantastic, it is also a lot of work for $35,600. The drivers will be expected to travel approximately 20,000 miles to 1,200 events in 40 cities. That’s a lot of driving in a big hotdog, and while it’s pretty comfortable, most people don’t enjoy long-distance driving as a job.

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