Mercedes said to revamp plans for the EQS and S-Class

Mercedes Revamps EQS & S-Class


The Mercedes-Benz EQS is a beautiful vehicle in many if not all, areas. Here is the obstacle it has not been able to overcome: It is unquestionably the electric version of the revered S-Class, but is the EQS an S-Class in the aspects that matter to consumers, much as the BMW i7 is a BMW 7 Series with an electric powertrain? The EQS has responded, at best, with, “Not really.”

Georg Kacher consulted with both named and unnamed individuals to determine how the brand addresses the character gap; in brief, Mercedes is “rethinking the strategy for its flagship sedans.”

The EQS will then follow in the footsteps of Mercedes’ most important star, although gradually. According to the rumor, this year’s electric car will get a 118-kWh battery, a 9.6-kWh increase over the current pack, and minor improvements like improved back seats for the Executive package and a three-bar grille that adds Mercedes gravitas. 

Next year, a package of engine changes will include moving to an 800-volt design, installing some new MMA-platform components developed for the electric CLA, and replacing Valeo motors with Mercedes’ in-house ones.

Then, in 2028, an all-new EQA on the MB.EA-L platform and a larger three-box design, with roomier and more sumptuous lodgings for rear passengers, will allow resetting the EQS barometer alongside the final run of the ICE-powered S-Class.

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