Auto industry must halve EV battery weight over next decade, Stellantis CEO says

EV battery weight reduction

MILAN—To make electrification environmentally viable, the automobile industry must reduce the weight of EV batteries by half over the next ten years, according to Stellantis’ CEO on Wednesday.

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares stated at the automaker’s Freedom of Mobility Forum that producing a battery pack for an electric vehicle (EV) with a “decent range” of 400 kilometers (250 miles) now requires 1,000 pounds, or approximately 500 kilograms, more raw materials than a traditional car.

“From an environmental aspect, I do not think it makes sense,” Tavares stated.

The Stellantis CEO stated that the auto sector, based on new technology, required a “breakthrough” in cell power density.

He noted that this would also assist in addressing lithium scarcity, a significant component in most modern batteries.

Stellantis established the Freedom of Mobility Forum, which convened its second annual session on Wednesday after the firm decided to depart the European car lobby group ACEA at the end of 2022. Its goal is to encourage discussions with stakeholders about mobility issues and trends and their implications for global warming.

During the discussion, Tavares also stated that he did not consider hydrogen a viable replacement technology for current mass mobility due to its “sky-high” costs, even if the energy used to produce hydrogen was pure.

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