Here’s What Alternative App Stores Could Mean for the iPhone

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Apple is reportedly working on significant changes to how iOS and the App Store operate in response to the impending regulations in the European Union. Bloomberg claims that the company is even considering allowing different app stores on its devices. Riley Testut, the creator of AltStore and a developer, recently shared his opinions on iOS’s official support for third-party app stores.

Even though Testut built the AltStore, the developer still thinks that giving iOS users access to any App Store substitutes could be detrimental to their experience. And this is why.

Testut asserts that the App Store “plays a significant role” in preserving the reliability and security of iOS because all apps made available there are subject to review and compliance with Apple’s rules. Despite asserting that it has “flaws,” the developer calls the App Store “a single place users trust.”

The developer thinks that having additional app stores on iOS would likely “disrupt” the overall user and developer experience. In addition to security issues, App Store developers don’t have to worry about payment and distribution.

According to Testut, making users side-load apps using a Mac would make fewer businesses interested in selling apps outside of the App Store while allowing him and other developers to distribute their work to users directly.

The majority of users will still trust Apple’s App Store to download and distribute their apps even if something similar occurs with iOS. And not even Mark Zuckerberg would have the audacity to remove his apps from one of the world’s most lucrative online stores.

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