Belkin Launches iPhone Continuity Camera Mount for Desktops

Continuity Camera

In October, Belkin unveiled an iPhone Continuity Camera mount for MacBook models to coincide with the launch of macOS Ventura. The business hinted at another Continuity Camera mount that would work with extra displays like the Studio Display at the time.

With the help of the new Continuity Camera feature in iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, you can use your iPhone. It is a webcam for your Mac. The feature connects wirelessly and automatically, and it works with any Mac video-calling app. The feature is very impressive and provides a significant improvement in video quality over Apple’s built-in Mac webcams.

The Continuity Camera mounts from Belkin allow you to use the iPhone’s MagSafe technology to fasten your iPhone to the top of your Mac. The 24-inch iMac, the Studio Display, and the Pro Display XDR are just a few examples of “Mac desktops”. That this new model is made to work with.

For users of Studio Display and Pro Display XDR, the release of the new iPhone Belkin Continuity Camera mount for external displays is noteworthy. The webcam that comes with the Studio Display has received harsh criticism for its subpar performance. There is absolutely no built-in webcam on the Pro Display XDR.

You can now order the new Belkin Continuity Camera mount for Mac desktops from Apple’s online store. The only drawback is that the first orders won’t arrive until mid-to-late January, even though it is only $29.95. Other Continuity Camera mounts are currently available on Amazon. But their quality and device compatibility may need to be better than ours.

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