Americans’ Faith in Self-Driving Cars has Tanked, AAA study suggests

Americans Autonomous vehicles Sentiment

According to AAA’s most recent survey on consumer attitudes about autonomous vehicles, Americans still generally distrust these vehicles. This suggests that the surge in negative sentiment last year was not just a reliable indicator of consumer opinion but also a warning of further difficulties ahead for the already struggling industry.

66% of respondents declared they are utterly terrified of it, while 25% are still unclear. Merely 9% expressed confidence in the technique.

After triggering a multi-car collision during the 2022 Thanksgiving holiday rush in San Francisco, a Tesla driver attributed the incident to the vehicle’s “Full Self-Driving” technology. However, AAA advises automakers against turning off their safety systems too soon. Without self-driving technology, drivers still desire cutting-edge technology. 

Popular safety measures that do not depend on the broader autonomy framework to offer safety benefits are byproducts of the development of autonomous driving. When asked which feature they would choose for their future car, a large number of respondents answered they would choose automatic emergency braking (63%), reverse automated emergency braking (65%), or lane-keeping assistance (62%).

Marketing for the technology must set realistic expectations about its capabilities and limits. Unbelievably, four out of ten drivers who responded to the study needed clarification or thought they could get a car that would drive itself while they slept.

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