Apple Car Autonomous Driving Scaled-Down, Launch Planned for 2028

Apple scaled-down autonomous car


According to Bloomberg, Apple has changed its design for the Apple Car to be more straightforward and less ambitious to bring the car to market. Apple previously desired a driverless car with full autonomy but is creating an electric vehicle with fewer functions.


Apple has changed the launch date for the Apple Car despite the project being cut back. Apple had planned to introduce the automobile in 2026, but the company is now aiming for a 2028 release date. According to Bloomberg, this is a “pivotal moment” for the Apple Car. If the corporation cannot produce an electric vehicle with these features, officials may “seriously reconsider the project’s existence.”


The ‌Apple Car‌ concept has undergone multiple changes and evolutions since its 2014 unveiling. Though rumors have occasionally claimed Apple abandoned plans to release a car entirely in favor of an automated driving system, the company is still committed to releasing a fully branded car.


There have been numerous leadership transitions and internal conflicts during the development of the Apple Car project. Under pressure from Apple’s board, Apple Watch CEO Kevin Lynch took over the project and collaborated with Tim Cook to implement a new plan. Apple is meeting in Europe with possible partners to review the new strategy.

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