Ford unveils its new Android Automotive experience, coming to 2024 vehicles

Ford Lincoln Digital Experience


Ford is going all-in on Google’s Android Automotive, announcing its new “Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience” today, which will begin rolling out to new vehicles this month.


Google and Ford established an agreement in 2021 to have the automaker embrace Android Automotive, but the system’s release was delayed for quite some time. Today, however, Ford is finally showing off the new technology, which will be available on vehicles starting this month.


The new technology is called the “Ford and Lincoln Digital Experience” and will be available in both Ford and Lincoln automobiles. With Android Automotive as the foundation, customers may download apps and games from the Google Play Store and access Google apps, Maps, and Assistant. 


Ford is also maintaining its cooperation with Amazon, which now includes Alexa and Prime Video for customers. Both voice assistants can operate in-car features like climate, navigation, and more. Ford is also introducing an exclusive edition of the game Asphalt Nitro 2 to its Android Automotive experience.


Ford’s new Android Automotive experience will debut in the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus, currently available at US dealerships. The experience will be expanded to more vehicles this year and in the future, but there has yet to be any news on which automobiles will receive the enhanced experience.

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