Apple is Being Compelled to Alter Chargers in Europe as the EU Authorizes a Redesign


BRUSSELS, Oct 4- To comply with new rules requiring a single charging port for most electronic gadgets, Apple will have to replace the charger for its iPhones in the European Union beginning in autumn 2024.

The new standards will make USB-C ports used by Android-based smartphones the standard across the EU’s 27 member states, requiring Apple to replace the charging port for iPhones and other devices.

Apple is anticipated to be the most impacted among the major producers of electronic goods to European customers, while analysts believe the impact might be favourable if it encourages shoppers to purchase the U.S. company’s latest gadgets rather than those that lack USB-C.

According to analysts, the agreement may potentially have an effect on Samsung (005930. KS), Huawei [RIC:RIC:HWT;UL], and other gadget manufacturers since it also covers e-readers, earbuds, and other technologies.

According to the reform, mobile phones and other devices sold after the fall of 2024 must work with the single charger, according to EU politician Alex Agius Saliba, who helped guide the change through the EU parliament.

While Saliba observed that prohibiting obsolete chargers would have had a significant negative effect on consumers and the environment, the move is anticipated to result in a progressive phase-out of older items. According to an estimate by the European Commission, customers may save roughly 250 million euros ($247.3 million) with just one charger.

According to a May Bloomberg article, Apple is developing an iPhone with a USB-C charging connector that might be released in 2019. Legislators have also asked the Commission to examine potential regulations for wireless charging, but an EU official indicated that no decision has yet been taken because the technology is still in its infancy.

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