Apple Pay is Likely to Launch in South Korea this Week

Apple Pay

Apple has been working to increase the number of countries where Apple Pay is currently accepted every year. Now that a local bank has announced that its customers will be able to use Apple Pay starting November 30, it appears as though Apple’s digital payments service is about to launch in South Korea.

This story is supported by a report from The Korea Herald from October. The story claimed some users were able to access Apple Pay terms and conditions. When they attempted to include the Hyundai Card in their Apple Wallet app. Apple Pay would be available in South Korea in November. “Or at least early December,” according to the report from the time.

However, it’s unclear whether Apple Pay will roll out in South Korea exclusively with support for the Hyundai Card or whether other cards will work as well.

Ahead of the FIFA World Cup, which is currently taking place in Qatar, Apple-Pay arrived in the country in August. There, American Express, Arab Bank, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Doha Bank, and other financial institutions accept Apple Pay. Earlier this year, the service also became operational in Malaysia, Moldova, Argentina, Peru, and Armenia.
Customers can use it to make purchases both in-person and online without needing a physical credit or debit card. All you have to do to confirm the transaction is tap or Apple Watch close to the NFC reader. Through the Wallet app, compatible cards can be added to Apple Pay.

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