Apple TV+ has surpassed Hulu in the USA, Amazon lost subscribers


JustWatch reported in September that Apple TV+ had surpassed a 6% global market share of the streaming market, while some of its competitors were losing subscribers. JustWatch has released a new report with market share data from US streaming platforms.

Apple TV+ continues to grow in the United States.

Apple TV+ continues to grow in popularity among US viewers, according to a report seen by Realclobber. In Q3 2022, the platform accounted for 7% of streaming service subscribers, a 1% increase from the previous quarter. The figure brings Apple TV+ closer to Hulu (owned by Disney), which has a 10% share of the US streaming market.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video continue to dominate in terms of subscriber numbers, both in the United States and globally. However, Amazon Prime Video lost subscribers, dropping from 20% to 19% market share in the United States. Netflix maintained its market share of 21%, while Disney+ increased its market share from 14% to 15%.

Interestingly, while HBO Max accounts for only 7% of the global streaming platform market and is about to be surpassed by Apple TV Plus, it accounts for 15% of the market in the United States. All of the numbers are listed below:

  1. 21% for Netflix
  1. 9% off Amazon Prime Video
  1. Disney+: 15% off
  1. HBO Maximum: 15%
  1. Hulu: 10%
  1. 7% for Apple TV+
  1. 4% of the total
  1. 9% for others

The streaming market in the United States is fiercely competitive, with Netflix and Prime Video separated by only 2%. Following suit, Disney+ and HBO Max are parallel, with Disney+ slightly outperforming HBO Max and taking third place this quarter.

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