Dusk is an elegant app for using X/Twitter on Apple Vision Pro

Dusk App for Using X/Twitter

Looking for a seamless X/Twitter experience on your Apple Vision Pro? Check out Dusk – the latest innovation from Brazilian developer João Pozzobon. Dusk brings the familiar X/Twitter interface to your Vision Pro device with style and elegance.

With Dusk, you can easily browse your timeline, check notifications, direct messages, and compose new posts within an immersive and intuitive environment. What sets Dusk apart is that it uses the web version of X/Twitter, bypassing the need for the platform’s discontinued API. This ensures a smooth and stable experience without compromising on functionality.

Dusk is designed to emulate the native visionOS experience, with a translucent background, side menus, and full interaction based on Apple Vision Pro’s intuitive gestures. And the best part? João plans to support multiple accounts, adjustable text sizes, and customizable icons in future updates to personalize your experience further.

You can get Dusk now on the visionOS App Store for just $3.99, with no pesky subscriptions. So why wait? Elevate your X/Twitter experience on Apple Vision Pro with Dusk today.

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