Twitter Rolling out #AppleMusic Hashflag Ahead of Super Bowl

#AppleMusic Hashflag

On Twitter, a hashflag icon is shown next to selecting unique hashtags. In the past, Apple has made extensive use of this capability, including at the iPhone 14 announcement and WWDC 2022. The hashtag #AppleMusic displays a crimson Apple logo with a background explosion.

The profile @hashflagsio was the first to notice the new hash flag. The hashtags #AMHalftime, #HalftimeShow, #AppleMusicHalftime, and #AppleMusicHalftimeShow all share the same icon. The platform typically allows an animated version of the hash flag to be made accessible on the day of the special event, however for the time being, there is only a static version of the hashflag available.

All of Rihanna’s songs have been updated on Apple Music with Spatial Audio in Dolby Atmos to commemorate the fact that the company is now the official sponsor of the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Apple also boasts that the artist’s back catalog is accessible through Apple Music Sing, the subscription service’s beat-by-beat live lyrics feature.
At the press conference for the Super Bowl LVII halftime show, Rihanna will also be interviewed by Nadeska Alexis of Apple Music Radio. The interview will start at 9:00 a.m. PT on February 9. The interview will be available for live listening to all Apple Music subscribers.

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