Here’s how much a Sealed OG iPhone is Likely to Sell for at Auction

OG iPhone Sell for at Auction

In comparison to the device’s $599 advertised price, a sealed original iPhone sold for a record-breaking $39,340 in October. This one might sell for “at least $50,000,” according to the auction company where Green has sold her original iPhone.

Green said in an interview with Insider that she received this iPhone as a present in 2007, despite the fact that she had Verizon service at the time and the first iPhone could only be used with AT & T. Green decided not to sell it at the time and kept it in its original unopened box, “wrapped in a pair of felt pajamas for added storage.” She is currently selling the iPhone to raise money for her brand-new tattoo studio venture.

You can place a bid on the LCG Auctions website if you want to participate. Although the beginning bid is $2,500, it’s expected to sell for at least $50,000 in the end. The auction will continue until February 19.

We are currently unsure of the exact number of first-generation iPhones remaining in existence and sealed in their original packaging. Given the steadily rising prices of sales on eBay and through auction houses, we’re assuming it’s a low amount.

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