AirTag Exposes Airline for Donating Lost Luggage Without Explanation

AirTag Exposes Airline for Donating Lost Luggage

According to Insider, Tom Wilson, and Nakita Rees were returning from their honeymoon when one of their checked luggage bearing an AirTag was abandoned in Quebec. The pair first didn’t give it much thought and just reported their lost luggage to Air Canada.

The backpack had been transferred to a “public storage facility just outside Toronto,” according to information provided by the AirTag shortly after that.

In a series of TikTok videos, Rees described the incident and claimed that the “lost” luggage had been at the storage facility for three months. The pair finally made the decision to visit the actual storage facility, but their trip was unsuccessful. 

After being unable to locate their luggage in a storage unit, Rees and Wilson filed a police report. The luggage was located within 24 hours and delivered to the couple’s house within 48 hours after Air Canada assigned an individual case handler to the case. However, the airline blamed the couple in part because no identifying information was left inside the bag. 

The police investigation eventually revealed that Air Canada had donated the bag to a charity, which used the storage facility in question. Rees and Wilson are perplexed as to why they haven’t received any responses from the airline in four months.

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