Commuter app ETA arrives on CarPlay with travel times and traffic conditions

Commuter app ETA arrives on CarPlay

iPhone and Apple Watch app ETA displays traffic conditions and travel times, now its latest version 2.7.0 puts it on the car screen to support Apple Carplay.  By updating the version on iPhone it will automatically put the app ETA on the Carplay app.

Carply support means for ETA users is they can now see their favorite location on Carplay with the traffic conditions and travel times for any address.  

The favorites list makes it simple to enter navigation. Apple Maps will launch instantly with directions when you tap on the destination in ETA.

ETA which costs $7.99 is a top iPhone app citizen and includes a theme library and in-app purchases for calendar sync. Due to the rigorous guidelines and Apple’s entitlement structure, CarPlay is a more difficult barrier to overcome. 

In addition to the recently introduced CarPlay functionality, ETA now works with iMessage, the Apple Watch, watch face complexities, HealthKit for tracking walking workouts, and a number of widgets.

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