Apple is looking for engineers to work with Generative AI

Apple call engineers to work with Generative AI

Apple increased the number of its artificial intelligence-related engineers and scientists employees earlier this year. To add to the intrigue, the company just posted on its website a fresh job listing, this time focusing on software developers with experience in generative AI and mixed reality settings.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the job list calls for engineers with an interest in Conversational and Generative AI and experience in Machine Learning. Tools like ChatGPT are made possible with such technology, which is recently quite popular.

Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed to call generative AI the more important topic of the day and confess that technology is really very important. But with such praise for AIs, he also warned that it has issues that need to be sorted.

Earlier this year, the New York Times noted that for Siri Apple engineers are testing “language-generative concepts”. In the code of tvOS 16.4, the operating system that drives both Apple TV and the company’s smart speaker HomePod, 9to5Mac discovered some references that support this story. However, everything is still quite experimental, and it’s uncertain when we’ll actually use this new AI-based Siri.

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